Dr. Charles Lake '62 - 1992 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1992

We honor a Kentucky native who began preaching while still in high school. In those days, Dwight Eisenhower served as our nation’s president. America’s automobiles had grown fins and flaunted double headlights. Those years offered young Asburians the opportunity every Sunday to preach on some Methodist circuit.

Dr. Charles Lake was soon recognized on campus as a gifted preacher. Leadership in the campus ministerial association and speech club sharpened his communications skills. As class president, he once debated privately with Dr. Z.T. Johnson, the College president, over business matters pertinent to his class.

Life was already in focus—his calling was to be an evangelistic minister as announced under his senior photo in The Asburian. During his graduate studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, a door opened for him to serve as the pastor of World Gospel Church in Terre Haute, Indiana. There, with a church steeped deeply in missions, he caught a vision for global evangelism.

Some eight years later, a second door opened wide. Dr. Lake invested his evangelistic zeal directly in missions with OMS International—first as the director of career guidance and youth ministries, later as evangelist in several nations within the British Commonwealth, and finally as director of personnel.

During his ninth year with OMS International, Dr. Lake noticed another door, not wide open, but ajar. A small group of hungry hearts found direction from Dr. Lake’s biblical understanding for discipleship. They searched for a place to meet for Bible study and prayer. The doors they found had different shapes, a door to a public library, the doors to the high school cafeteria, and the glass doors of a storefront. Doors of opportunity, for the past 14 years, have opened wider until the doors to the Community Church of Greenwood open today to more than 1,400 believers.

We honor one whose gifts have been anointed by God’s Spirit. We pay tribute, not primarily to a man’s achievements, but to a man’s faithfulness. Pastoral leadership has produced a vibrant church with an annual missions budget of more than a quarter of a million dollars; a program of discipleship and accountability for more than 1400 in the church family; an outreach program that has planted four new congregations; lay ministries which have touched thousands of people in the Indianapolis area.

We salute this son of Francis Asbury—adjunct professor at Anderson University, Bethel Graduate School, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Wesley Biblical Seminary; his missionary zeal has opened doors to the Japan Church Growth Institute, numerous missions crusades to Central America, and retreats for missionaries from every continent. In addition, he serves as a director for the National Association of Evangelicals and chairman of Indiana’s state NAE Association.

It is a privilege to honor an Asburian respected by evangelical mission agencies, Christian colleges, and theological schools from across America. We salute Charles C. Lake, graduate of the Class of 1962.

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