Dr. Alan Moulton ‘61 - 2005 A Award Recipient

Alan Moulton was born in Middletown, New York.  He graduated Asbury with a major in psychology, and after graduation, he enrolled at the University of Kentucky in a Master of Arts degree program in psychology.  In the spring of his second year in his graduate program, he set a letter tothe academic dean of Asbury, Dr. Pike, indicating an interest in acquiring a teaching position at Asbury.

Dr. Moulton started teaching at Asbury in 1962 while continuing and completing his master’s degree, serving as a graduate assistant at U.K., and stating a Ph.D. program. Near the end of his doctoral studies in 1968, he served as Dean of Men at Asbury for a short time. Evidently that experience sparked an interest in student development and agreed to accept the position of Dean of Students/ Vice President for Student Development, which he held for nine years.

In 1979, he was promoted to full professor, moved out of the Dean of Students position, and the following year became chair of the Psychology Department. He also served as chair of the Division of Education and Psychology, and Director of Freshman Studies for five years. He gave special attention to improving the orientation and advising programs for incoming freshman. One of his first tasks in the role as Director was to propose a comprehensive faculty advisor and peer advisor program.

Dr. Moulton was and still is a huge influence on the faculty, staff, and student body at Asbury.  In his roles asdepartment chair, division chair and serving on numerous committees, he played an important part in curricular development and establishing college policies.  He gave leadership to the faculty in many different areas of college life during his years at Asbury, including being elected to serve two years in the role of Faculty Vice Chair/Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees. He also served as the Faculty Advisor to Student Government.  An annual faculty questionnaire given to faculty, which Dr. Moulton completed, showed that he estimated that he spent 16 hours a week counseling students with academic and personal problems.

During Dr. Moulton’s 43 years at Asbury he served on a variety of committees, including: Presidential Search, Provost Search, Faculty Status/ FacultyPersonnel three times (twice as chair), Accreditation Self-Study, Committee on Committees, Academic Policies and Curriculum, Campus Life (twice as chair),Teacher Education, Publications, Discipline, and Ad-hoc Hughes Renovation.



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