Unexpected Meetings

I transferred to Asbury my sophomore year. While I was wandering through the college library during orientation week, an older librarian stopped me and asked, “You’re Larry Hull’s daughter, aren’t you?” (My parents met and married while students at Asbury 25 years earlier.) I was a little stunned and looked to see if I was wearing a name tag or something to indicate who I was. I was not. She went on to explain, “I had him in my English class 25 years ago — he had the most beautiful blonde hair and you look just like him.” I have used that as a sermon illustration a number of times over the years — we should so reflect our Heavenly Father that people know right away whose we are. I was proud to be identified as Larry Hull’s daughter, but it caused me to remember that I must do so responsibly.

by Beth Hull ’83 Petrie