Let's Talk Turkey

Where has time gone? This Asbury moment started Fall ’98, my sophomore year of college, when two girls and two guys made a bet at Wal-mart. Look where it is today ~ the 10th Annual Turkey Day!

What started out as just a goofy outing to Wal-mart late one night week after Thanksgiving break, noticing the size of the huge wrapped turkeys leftover in the frozen section, became a full dress-up meal with candles, china, and all the fixin’s. Nathan and Adam bragged they could cook the biggest turkey there no problem, so Anna and Karin were in charge of the sides and table arrangements. Anna made little turkey card invites to pass around. We invited people who invited people who invited people (basement GLIDE, 2ndEast TRUS, scattered KRESG, whoever).

The meal was traditionally held the weekend after we all returned from Thanksgiving with our families. We assembled in the basement of Glide-Crawford, OMS students center (Thanks to the Smiths), Cafeteria Grayroom (Thanks to Todd Goepper and Doug Howland) ... the gathering just kept getting bigger! We were always amazed and impressed on the talents that were revealed and the fun in the fellowship.

But who kept this tradition going, long after graduation and everyone scattering? Kara and Natalie picked up the ball and shared the planning with Adam Wyman ’01 ever since. Thanks to Adam for keeping the torch lit and extending the welcome to everyone no matter where they moved!

I’ve moved 7 times since graduating (part of being an ARMY spouse) and have always hoped to return for a reunion Turkey Day. Here it is 10th Turkey Day and I can return with my kids, (but with no husband, he deploys October again). How good it is to live close enough to drive to see friends again this fall. But no matter where I move, I can hold the memories of the first moment and always remember the fun fellowship with Asburians.

by Anna Underwood ’01 Van Horn