God Knows Best

I had the fortune to be at Asbury for the 1980 year and was placed into the “Herald” Class. The minute I stepped onto campus, I knew I was where God wanted me to be for that time. Sitting in Hughes Auditorium when everyone was singing “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name,” and feeling His presence there filled me and I am sure all who were there.

I came to Asbury with high aspirations since I had taught agriculture at a high school the year before coming to Wilmore. I thought that my agricultural background and Asbury would make me a missionary. The passage which, stuck me even before coming to Asbury (John 21: 15-23), still shapes my life. Little did I know then that his call would be for me to be in the military. Although I had planned to become a missionary, our Lord has shown me time and again that the mission field is wherever you are if you take to notice.

The year of true grace at Asbury did indeed prepare me in ways I had not anticipated. The following fall after being unable to get a summer job I did not get to return to Asbury and found that at that time the military was the only option. For a while in basic training I thought I had let our Lord down, but he showed me that I was where I needed to be.

I have recently passed 25 years in service to our country and get many opportunities to not only help those in the service when deployed far from home, but also get to help others in need whether it is building a school in Honduras or a clinic in Jamaica, to rebuilding Iraq.

I have often had the opportunity to share what our Lord has done for me in front of quite a few audiences. ME, a once painfully shy person, has spoken in front of many about my love of God and Country! My memories of that short time at Asbury still helps to renew me as Christ keeps the light of his love lit within me. To be sure heartaches still happen, friends pass on sooner than I would like, and some things still bog me down. But wherever I go, I have never been alone because Christ and the prayers of so many have been with me and brought me safe thus far, and I know the grace will be with me until I am finally led home. I pray that those who remember me as well as those who do not, receive a full measure of the grace I found at Asbury and carry to this day!

by Dwight D. Damschroder ’84