Academic Excellence Starts Here

Academic Excellence Starts Here
Hear from students as they express the value of an Asbury education.

Worship at Asbury

Worship at Asbury
Students share about what it's like to come together as a community and worship at Asbury.

Center for Communication Arts

Center for Communication Arts
This amazing facility immerses students in both the technical and creative aspects of the communications industry.

Asbury at Ichthus
See how Asbury impacts the world at the annual Ichthus music festival.

Student Perspective on Worship at Asbury University Video

Student Perspective on Worship
Molly Phillips shares her story on how she found Christ in Asbury's Chapel while worshiping.

Professor Perspective on Asbury Students Video

Professor Perspective on Students
Dr. Janet Dean, Professor of Psychology, shares how Asbury students are transformed by God through Asbury's community.

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