Payment Plans

Asbury University is pleased to offer two payment options to help students and parents make their education costs affordable.

The academic year is divided into two semesters and a summer session. Financial Registration is held at the beginning of each semester, and a Registration Bill is available on the Student Portal by going to: My Account > Account Information > Registration Bill. Select the term and click SEARCH. Above the detailed listing should be the label Amount Due or (Due to Student), showing the net Amount Due for the semester or overpayment/credit back to the student. The information displayed on the Registration Bill is updated automatically with any class changes or Financial Registration selections.


Payment Options

  1. Payment in Full - Payment of the Registration Bill Net Amount Due is to be paid by the first day of the semester. All students will be enrolled in this option unless they are enrolled in a CASHNet Installment Payment Plan.
  2. CASHNet Installment Payment Plan - Payment Plans are offered through CASHNet. The Registration Bill Net Amount Due, or any portion you choose, may be divided over 4 or 5 equal, monthly payments. Payments are due the last day of each month. CASHNet charges a non-refundable application fee of $35 per semester to enroll in a Payment Plan. To enroll in a Payment Plan, from the Student Portal, go to: My Account > Payment Plan Set Up > Enroll in a Payment Plan.


Payment Plan Sign-Up Deadlines

Fall Semester:

  • 5 month payment plan: July 31st
  • 4 month payment plan: August 31st

Spring Semester:

  • 5 month payment plan: December 31st
  • 4 month payment plan: January 31st


Billing Charges

Total Semester charges could be impacted by the following: class schedule changes, Financial Aid Offer changes, textbooks charged to the Student Account, meal plan changes, and various departmental charges.

Review the REGISTRATION BILL periodically to verify that total charges for the semester will be covered by your selected payment option.

If you have questions regarding your Registration Bill, please contact our Student Accounts Office at (859) 858-3511 ext. 2330.

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