Travel Course Dates: March 10-17, 2018

Led by Dr. Jim Shores

This is a field course in which students will experience the people, culture, and ecosystems of Haiti. Students will learn about the cultural and religious history of Haiti; its flora, fauna, ecology, and conservation history; and branding/marketing principles to capture the experience of the trip and create social media and marketing pieces for IKONDO (The Hands & Feet Project’s Mission Guest Village).

The academic & spiritual formation goals of the trip are to experience and learn about:

  • Social justice & social entrepreneurship ventures that are taking place in Haiti – led by Hands & Feet as well as Haiti Made (Mark Stuart)
  • Haiti’s cultural & religious history
  • Environmental Stewardship & conservation issues of Haiti – snorkeling & hiking, learning the flora, fauna, ecology, & conservation history (Jim Shores – Asbury)
  • Marketing/PR/branding concepts, while creating marketing materials for 2019 spring break trips. (Jim Shores & Todd Wold – Asbury)

Academic Credit

  • 3.0 Credit Hour towards COM 397 Communication Field Experience
  • Counts toward Cross-cultural Engagement Requirement (CCE 073)


Download the Summer 2018 Handout