Germany-Poland Travel Course – Asbury University
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Travel Course Dates: May 16-28, 2020

Led by Dr. Paul Nesselroade

An Integrative Enrichment Course and Holocaust-Themed Travel Course – This course will examine the relationship between the ideas, imagery, and personalities found within the social and life sciences with the concept of inherent human dignity. Focus will be placed on the historical conflict found in the eugenics movement and culminating in the atrocities committed in Europe during WWII. However, more contemporary issues will also be discussed. Each year the trip takes place near the beginning of the Summer Term.

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Dr. Nesselroade’s Human Dignity Tour is profoundly powerful. Students of every field of interest will enjoy being immersed in European culture while simultaneously being challenged to ask crucial questions about the nature of humanity as they walk through some of history’s greatest tragedies. It is a trip that is well worth the time, money, and attention.

Kaitlyn Hickey ’16

Student-produced video presented by the Asbury Collegian

Academic Credit

  • 3.0 Credit Hour towards PSY 393 Human Dignity Tour of Central Europe
  • Counts toward Cross-cultural Engagement Requirement (CCE 073)

Summer 2020 Application Process (DUE November 15, 2019)

To apply for the PSY 393 Travel Course, please follow the following application process:

  1. Fill out the Intent to Study Abroad Application Online Form. Upon completion, you will be contacted by the Global Engagement Office.
  2. Fill out the Reference Form and select two persons to serve as references on your behalf. One should be an academic reference and the other should be someone who can speak to your character. An online reference form will be sent to each person. Please have them complete and submit the forms.
  3. The Online Application Form and the Reference Forms are due by November 15, 2019.
  4. Dr. Nesselroade will be in touch if you have been selected to participate in PSY 393 for Summer 2020.
  5. The first deposit ($300) is due on November 15, 2019, to secure your spot on this travel course.


Paul Nesselroade