New majors, minors for fall

By Heidi Heater, a junior from Jackson, Ky.

WILMORE, KY—Asbury College students will have a number of new major, minor and concentration track options beginning this fall.

majorminor07.jpgA new creative writing major will allow students to further specialize their writing skills by taking a combination of literature, creative writing and technical writing courses. The College currently offers a writing minor. Dr. Marcia Hurlow, professor of English and journalism at the College, said that this major will increase students’ marketability. Students will either produce a potentially publishable book or create a portfolio of clips they could submit to a master of fine arts program.

The music department partners with the business department to create a new music business major. This major includes three areas of concentration—business, music industry and music emphasis. The music department believes this new degree will be attractive to those music-oriented students who would like to be involved in the retail side of the arts, such as arts administration, music studios and music stores.

The Asbury College equine program is pleased to announce that students can now major in equine management or hippotherapy. As part of the equine management major, students learn horseback riding, stable management, horse training, farm and ranch management and gain riding instructor certification. Students in the hippotherapy program will learn to to use the multi-dimensional movements of a horse to treat persons with movement disabilities, including those with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, autism, learning or language disabilities, developmental delay, stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Also this fall, the music department has partnered with the theatre and cinema performance major to form an emphasis in musical theatre. The new program allows students to combine acting with music.

The faculty also approved a public relations minor. The media communications department said that knowledge of public relations will be an asset to any major. The purpose of this minor is to assist students in marketing themselves, their services or products or even improve their evangelism strategy. The College currently offers an applied communications major with a concentration in public relations.

Art majors now have the option of concentrating in art history. Previously, the College offered various areas of studio emphasis, such as sculpture, photography, painting and ceramics.

Looking ahead, in fall 2008, the College’s graduate program will offer a master’s degree in social work. “This program is being designed with a clear integration of Christianity and social work at its core,” said Steve Dawson, assistant professor of behavioral sciences. “There are secular social work programs, and there are social work programs that are taught at Christian colleges. But with our particular program, we are being intentional to draw from our rich theological heritage to help us understand how our loving God involves loving people and serving their needs.”

Dawson said that social work directly ties to the mission of Asbury College. “We are an institution that has always been concerned with preparing people to serve others, and social work is all about serving other people,” said Dawson.

The program will teach social work knowledge, skills and values, as well as provide internships in churches and social service agencies. All of the professors have graduate degrees in social work and experience in the social work field. An undergraduate degree in social work is not a prerequisite for this program.

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