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Study Abroad Program Policy

  1. The approval procedure must be completed in order for the student to be enrolled in an Asbury University Off-Campus Program. A student who does not complete this procedure will not be enrolled as a student for the period of the off-campus study.
  2. The approvals indicating “in good standing” must be maintained up to and during participation in the program. Any probation, including chapel probation, will keep a student from participating in an off-campus program.
  3. A student must have a current cumulative GPA minimum of 2.75 and have completed at least two semesters of college coursework at Asbury. Transfer students must have at least one of the semesters completed at Asbury.
  4. A student may not participate in the same program more than once and may not participate in more than two semester programs.
  5. The student bears the responsibility to secure appropriate documentation (e.g., transcripts) from the host agency both before and after the off-campus experience.
  6. Please note that there will be an additional “AU External Program Fee” charged to the student’s account. The student is responsible for the $200 or $500 processing fee in addition to any tuition, travel, housing, or other expenses. The fee amount is dependent on the term – fall, spring or summer.
  7. Those participating in an Asbury University Study Abroad program may also need to submit a nonrefundable housing deposit. This deposit will be credited towards their tuition cost.
  8. Registration will take place only upon final approval by the Provost and confirmation from the host agency of acceptance into their program.
  9. These procedures and policies are in addition to those required by the host agency and are considered to be of final authority in determining participation.

Visiting Students Policy

  1. Students visiting for the purpose of participating in off-campus programs are required to have completed at least two semesters of college coursework at their respective institution and to have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 (please note that some programs have higher GPA requirements).
  2. Students will be required to submit the appropriate paperwork including the Student Acknowledgement Form, Transcript Request Form, Good Standing Verification Form, Home Institution Certification Form, Program Specific Application Form, and Principles and Expectations of Community Life.
  3. Students will submit the appropriate deposits to Asbury University on time.
  4. Because the visiting student technically remains a student at the home institution, except for the initial deposit required by the program, payment for participation is handled through the Business Office of the home institution. All charges must be paid in full by the first day of the semester.

Please Contact the Office of Intercultural Life for complete details and instructions.

Financial Aid

As a visiting student participating in the Asbury University Study Abroad Program, financial aid (if applicable) will be handled by your home institution. Check with your school’s financial aid office to determine whether your existing loans, grants and scholarships can be applied.

Program Charges

Because the visiting student technically remains a student at their home institution, payment for participating in the program is handled through the Business Office or the Student Accounts Office of the home institution.

The only expense that a visiting student pays directly to Asbury University is the non-refundable housing confirmation fee, which is deducted from the total tuition fee at invoicing. If the student drops out of the program after the deposit payment deadline, the student forfeits the deposit as it will have already been dispersed to secure housing abroad. In addition to the tuition fee is also an external program fee (application fee) for visiting students. All charges must be paid in full by the first day of the semester.

Travel expenses to and from the Study Abroad site, personal experiences, travel insurance (ISIC Card), and visa/ passport costs are not included and are to be paid for by the student.

Medical & Liability Insurance

Asbury University assumes no medical expenses for the students in this program. All students much have medical insurance coverage either through their parents, their personal insurance, or from their home college or university. In addition, students will need to purchase an ISIC Card for travel insurance purposes. Student may purchase this through the Office of Intercultural Affairs.


If for any reason you find it necessary to cancel after being accepted into the program at Asbury University, you must notify the Registrars at your home institution and at Asbury University as soon as possible. If your non-refundable deposit has already been paid, it will be forfeited.

Please refer to Asbury University’s Bulletin for more policy details.