Fearless senior takes on D.C., alternative energy and oil spill cleanup

Amy visiting the White House in Washington, D.C.
Amy visiting the White House in Washington, D.C.

WILMORE, KY— Amy Lesperance, a senior political science major from Maitland Fla., is spending the summer working with Congressman John Mica's office of the 7th District of Florida. She is helping constituents in her home state, and building her resume with new skills and experience.

After applying for more than 40 internships, Lesperance landed a spot among the interns in her congressman’s office. When she first arrived in early July, her duties ranged from recording the needs of constituents to writing a research paper about turning coal and natural gas into liquid fuel as an alternative energy.

After a few weeks, she transferred to the Coast Guard subcommittee. This subcommittee is concerned with maritime transportation laws and how the Coast Guard can legally address issues such as the Oil Spill. Lesperance attends daily conference calls and researches past bills to help the committee write new legislation to aid Floridians whose businesses are suffering as a result of the spill. The legislation will also put measures in place that will prevent future spills.

Lesperance, who expects to graduate in December, credits her liberal arts education and Asbury connections for preparing her for this position. "Have a general knowledge of the U.S. Constitution has helped," she said. "I am now applying the theories and learning how the legislation process works."

In addition, she met with Asbury alumnus Murray Kenyon ’79 who works for the National Security Agency. He talked with her about the environment working in Washington and helped answer many of her questions. Lesperance has plans to have dinner with Kenyon and his wife, Penny Ritchey ’79 Kenyon, before she returns to Asbury. "Asbury is a really small school, which helps with networking and camaraderie among alumni," she said.

Lesperance is excited to see how her improved writing skills and experience working in a high pressure environment will help her as she prepares for graduate school and the job search. Her dream job is to work as an intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency.

For more information, visit the political science department.

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