'It's Not Too Late': Impacting Climate Change

WILMORE, Ky. — There is still time to turn the ship of global warming, according to Rev. Jim Ball, a leader in the Evangelical Environmental Network and author of “Global Warming and the Risen LORD.”

Ball spoke to Asbury University students and faculty recently on the topic of climate change and its potential impact on vulnerable populations around the world. With a clear idea of what it will take to make a difference — a dramatic increase in carbon productivity and about two percent of the global GDP, to be precise — his presentation centered on the Christian obligation to be a responsible steward of the environment. 

“Global warming is an natural disaster intensifier,” he said, “as well as a poverty intensifier and a freedom denier. As Christians, we’re called to help the poorest of the poor.”

Ball advocates for a two-pronged approach to overcoming global warming: addressing the causes and overcoming the consequences. Highlighting creative solutions such as solar-powered attic fans, a zero-energy Habitat for Humanity house, efficient cookstoves and biomass energy generation, he pointed to the entrepreneurial spirit behind many different initiatives for clean energy and environmental responsibility.

Though the presentation addressed global warming specifically, Dr. Bobby Baldridge, professor of biology at Asbury, has found the Christian directive to love and serve one’s neighbor to transcend any one particular cause.

“I would encourage all of us, not just students, to reflect on our lifestyles, which are often driven by consumerism, and ask God to enable us to consider the impact of our choices on others,” Baldridge said. “Our devotion to Jesus should motivate us to do what we can to make life better for others.”

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