Pre-Nursing Major

Pre-Nursing Program restrictions
1. PNR Student completes the major requirements at Asbury. PNR majors transfer to an accredited 4-year school of nursing to complete the major and the AU degree by finishing one full-time year (30.0 hours) of nursing courses. These credits must be officially transferred back to Asbury University to receive an AU degree. Students must have 124.0 total hours to receive an AU degree.
2. PNR Student may not have a double major. If completing any other Asbury major the Pre-Nursing major will not be listed. Student will complete and graduate from Asbury University in the other major only. However, any student who is preparing to apply for nursing or medical schools should contact the Health Professions advisor about taking required pre-nursing or pre-medical courses outside their declared major.
3. Transfer course restrictions: 50% of the PNR major must be completed at Asbury University (minimum 33.0 major hours at Asbury) with the transferred nursing hours accounting for the other 50% of the major. If any of the below listed major courses are taken at other schools the student will be required to take additional Asbury University course hours in BIO, PSY, CHE, or SOC to account for the 50% at Asbury.
4. The 75.0 hours maximum transfer rule applies and includes the 30.0 nursing hours which limits all other transfer hours and institutional credit to 45 hours.
5. All Pre-Nursing students are reviewed at the end of the sophomore year (60.0 cumulative hours). After 2 years, students should have no grade below a "C" in all BIO and CHE courses, a minimum science GPA of 2.75, and a cumulative GPA of 2.75, in order to continue in the program.
6. Changing out of the PNR major - A student who decides not to pursue nursing needs to make this decision by their junior year to allow sufficient time to complete the courses needed for another major. Discuss major changes with the Health Professions advisor.


[Please indicate with (T) if requirement met by transfer course]

Choose one:
___4 BIO 100+101 Biological Science or
  BIO 201+203 General Biology
Also take:  
___4 BIO 211+213 Microbiology
___3 BIO 252 Nutrition
___3 BIO 262 Human Physiology
___3 BIO 331 Human Anatomy
___2 BIO 341 Ethical Issues
___4 CHE 115+117 Chem for Health Sci
___3 PSY 101 General Psychology
___3 PSY 201 Developmental Psych
___3 SOC 100 Intro to Sociology
Choose one:  
___3 PSY 315 Stat for Beh Science
  MAT 232 Probability & Stat
(T)___30+ Credits transferred from an accredited four-year
school of nursing

Additional courses below can count towards the 33.0 hours of Asbury University PNR major credits in place of transfer courses.


BIO 202+204 General Biology II
___3 BIO 322 Genetics
___4 BIO 372 Cell & Molecular Biology
___3 BIO 379 Immunology
___3 BIO 380 Scientific & Medical Terminology
___4 CHE 121/123 Gen College Chem I
___4 CHE 122/124 Gen College Chem II
___4 CHE 201 Organic Chem I
___4 CHE 202 Organic Chem II
___3 PSY 220 Stress Management
___3 PSY 342 Cross Cultural Psychology
___3 PSY 351 Counseling I
___3 PSY 352 Counseling II
___3 PSY 360 Abnormal Psychology
___3 SOC 201 Social Problems
___3 SOC 230 Leading Groups & Organizations
___3 SOC 312 Issues in Intercultural Relations
___3 SOC 353 International Social Issues
___3 SOC 414 Perspectives on Aging