Equine Management Minor

PE 130, Horseback Riding I
Provide the basic principles of horseback riding as well as instruction in the care of the equipment and the animal. Fee.

PE 131, Horseback Riding II
Review of the basic fundamentals learned in Beginning Horseback Riding and to introduce new skill including riding at the trot and canter. Prerequisite: Beginning Horseback Riding. Fee.

EQM 202, Stable Management
Basic principles of establishing a business plan, creating a safe and satisfying environment, applying practical and economic horse keeping techniques and maximizing your efforts for a successful operation. Fee.

EQM 206, Equine Health and First Aid
Comprehensive course to explain routine but essential health care, basic first aid, and how to identify urgent medical conditions. Fee.

EQM 245, Riding Instructor Certification
Students complete a 40 hour certification clinic. Teaching and equitation skills in ring and trail riding. Fee.

REC 251, Horse Training
Establishing horse training goals and programs. Positive and progressive approach to horsemanship including handling, ground lessons, and obedience under saddle. Fee.

EQM 435 (3-6) Equine Field Experience—A directed field experience at Asbury College or at another location with departmental approval.  Students are responsible for total care of the horses including feeding, as well as maintaining stables and facilities including programming for one semester.  240 hours.  Contract.