Accreditation Granted to MSW Program

WILMORE, Ky. — The Council for Social Work Education has granted accreditation to Asbury University’s Master of Social Work program, making Asbury one of only two private universities in Kentucky to offer an accredited degree.

The five-year accreditation effort was successful, marking the conclusion of a process that encompassed four site visits, interviews with students and faculty and close scrutiny of the program’s curriculum.

“We are thankful to the Lord and to the faculty who have been driving the accreditation process for a favorable outcome,” Asbury President Sandra C. Gray said. “The MSW program has broad connections with agencies across central Kentucky, and it has become an important means through which Asbury’s mission to impact the culture for Christ is met. It strengthens our opportunities to have an eternal impact on families and society.”

Because the Council for Social Work Education is the sole professional accrediting agency for social work education in the United States, and because in a majority of states licensure for social workers is tied to the accreditation status of their educational background, accreditation is extremely significant for graduates of Asbury’s MSW program. The accreditation status will be granted retroactively to students who have graduated since the process began, said Dr. Bill Descoteaux, director of the MSW department at Asbury.

“The development of the graduate social work program is the product of very extensive and intentionally focused work by the social work faculty team,” Descoteaux said. “There are six faculty who have been the teaching faculty for the MSW, and they have worked together as a collaborative team to make this possible. As a group, they represent a wide swath of social welfare experience, and that richness is what gives significant substance to an MSW experience at Asbury.”

Asbury is one of only four institutions in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities to offer an accredited master of social work degree. The program’s emphasis on integrating social work education with classical Christian faith has attracted students from across the United States.

“We find that there are prospective graduate social work students from across the United States and internationally who feel that they have a calling from God to service through social work, and they want to link their professional development and their advanced social work knowledge with that sense of calling and with their Christian faith,” Descoteaux said. “Our program mission is very intentional about developing Christian professionals whose thinking and service is always shaped by the mind of Christ.”

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