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Ashland Terrace, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Ashland Terrace is a small non-profit retirement home for older women. Although classified as Independent Living, Ashland Terrace provides a secure, loving environment, three meals a day, transportation during the weekday, housekeeping, a linen service and various activities/outings to the ladies.  Through an endowment, they privately subsidize the rent of residents.  Students are involved with a variety of tasks that include planning and implementing activities, assisting with administrative duties and helping residents with any needs that may arise. Ashland Terrace provides an excellent opportunity if you enjoy working with older adults and want an opportunity to learn more about administration and implementation of a small retirement home.

Bellewood Presbyterian Homes for Children, Lexington, KY


Bellewood Presbyterian Homes for Children is a 158-year-old non-profit agency that serves abused, at-risk and homeless youth in Kentucky.  Bellewood’s pro-active treatment programs stress education and respectful relationships, teach young adults to lead healthy, independent lives and become integral, contributing members of their communities.  The Community Based Services they offer are Independent Living Programs that help older young people from the ages of 17 to 21. Many are single, homeless mothers with young children. Resources such as parenting classes, vocational/education training and employment assistance are offered.  Students will have opportunities to be involved in a lot of hands on case management. Graduate students will have opportunities for individual, family and/or group therapy, as well as referral, consultation and collaboration.

Benchmark Family Services, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation &  Concentration

Benchmark Family Services is a private, non-profit agency providing therapeutic alternative care and programs for at-risk youth.  Benchmark is proactively addressing the issue of generational abuse and neglect in our communities and works in harmony with local public agencies to resolve these issues.  Children in care need intensive education alternatives, outlets for self-expression, counseling, recreation and independent living skills.  Foster families can be the stabilizing influence in a troubled child's life providing the love, nurturing, and support that he or she has been denied.  The Benchmark staff works together to serve children and provide support to families.

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lexington, KY


Big Brothers Big Sisters exists to create and support relationships that provide consistent, positive, one-to-one interaction between a single-parent child and an adult volunteer who will be an advisor and friend on the journey from childhood to adulthood. Students will be allowed to experience all aspects of a not for profit agency from fundraising to case management.  The staff has specific job functions so the students shadow various staff.  .  We tend to provide more direct service to families as well as recruit in the Fall with fundraising and grant writing in the Spring.

Bluegrass  Area  Agency on Aging and Independent Living, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living plans programs to meet the needs of senior citizens in the seventeen county Bluegrass area. Beginning level students will work with case managers in all areas of case management, including home visits.  They will also work in the Consumer Directed Option program, which will involve working with clients of all ages with both physical and mental disabilities who have a Medicaid waiver.  These services provide in home care to avoid out of home placement.  Advanced students will have opportunities for macro involvement including budget, research, working with senior citizen centers, conferences, program management and other areas of macro practice.   Involvement in planning of the senior state games is also possible.

Bluegrass Community Health Center, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Bluegrass Community Health Center is a primary health care center providing services to migrant workers, the homeless and anyone in the area who is in need of services.  Students will assist in coordinating services to patients, case management, and counseling for individuals, families and groups, women's health, family planning, and support groups for diabetes.  The outreach department brings people into the clinic as well as providing some primary health care including home visits if needed.  Some understanding of Spanish is helpful.

Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program, Lexington, KY and Danville, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program, Inc. (BDVP) is an advocacy agency committed to ending intimate partner abuse and its impact on families and the community. They provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to meeting the needs of victims of intimate partner abuse as they strive to find healing and rebuild their lives as survivors.  Residential and non-residential services are available throughout a 17 county service area. The Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program provides a 24 hour confidential crisis line, (1-800-544-2022) through which all services offered by the program are available.  These services include: 24 hour crisis and information line, emergency shelter, group and individual counseling for adults and children, case management services, legal advocacy, financial literacy; information and referral, emergency financial assistance, housing assistance and transportation.  The residential program has 32 beds for residents and their children with daily individual and group counseling and children's programs. The program also provides weekly non-residential group counseling throughout the Bluegrass Area Development District.  The BDVP provides legal advocacy to accompany clients to court, and act as liaison between clients and the court.  Financial Literacy training also assists victims in starting a new life free from abuse as they work towards self-sufficiency. Individual Development Asset building savings accounts help participating families save money with a 2 to 1 match that will assist with purchasing a home or continuing their education.  The BDVP also works with area businesses, groups and organizations to provide intervention, public education and professional training programs that raise awareness about intimate partner violence and reduce its impact.  Students have opportunities to be involved with the various services offered.

Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center serves women who have been sexually violated in 17 counties in Central Kentucky and provides a full range of services including a 24-hour crisis line, medical accompaniment, legal advocacy, crisis counseling, long-term psychotherapy, consultation, and education.  Opportunities also exist to work with the Human Trafficking Taskforce.   Entry level experiences include co-presenting for events in community especially with prevention program in schools, looking through crisis counseling case studies, linking clients up with community resources, and shadowing agency staff.  Advanced practice includes crisis counseling, reviewing ongoing long term case studies, consulting with therapists after the client is discharged, and doing presentations under supervision.

Bluegrass Regional Mental Health/Mental Retardation Board, Various locations in Central KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The mission of the Bluegrass Regional Mental Health-Mental Retardation Board (community mental health centers) is to assist individuals and families in the enhancement of their emotional, mental and physical well-being by providing mental health, mental retardation/developmental disabilities and substance abuse services.  BRMHMR recognizes the responsibility to serve those who have limited options for meeting their needs. The community health centers  plan with communities, develop innovative programs to respond rapidly to needs and, as appropriate, help influence community priorities to ensure that individual and community service gaps are addressed.  The Bluegrass Region contains 17 counties, but each county in the state of Kentucky has a mental health center and practicums are available at various sites. 

Children's programming includes family preservation program and IMPACT programs, therapeutic foster care, child crisis stabilization program and early childhood care programs.  Adult services include a wide range of opportunities include psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, case management, referring to local communities, and counseling.

Clinical In Home Services, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Clinical In Home Services provides short term intensive in home visits for identified families.  Opportunities include attending staffing, working along side clinicians, assessment, treatment planning, support, counseling and follow up.  The work is with the whole family, not just the child.

                Frontier Therapeutic Rehabilitation Program, Stanford, KY


Frontier Therapeutic Rehabilitation Program is a day treatment center for adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness. The program consists of daily activities such as, group therapy, individual therapy, (client picked) chores for assisting with daily living skills, cooking lunch, social interaction, weekly outings, leadership skills, bingo, games, shop (earn and buy program) and much more. Students have the opportunities to co-lead group therapy, develop individual treatment plans that include assessment and goal setting, client weekly summary reports, read literature relevant to mental health, build rapport with clients, lead a monthly craft group, attend combined staffing within TRP , outpatient, and Impact children's services.

Scott County Comp Care Center, Georgetown, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Scott Co. offers a full range of mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services.  Included are Emergency Services, Consultation and Education, Groups, Case Management and Housing Support for Adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness, involvement with Courts and Jails, and Children's Services.  Students will have exposure to many areas of mental health treatment and participate with clinicians from the various areas.

Unity House, Harrodsburg, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Unity House is a community mental health center operated by the Bluegrass Region.  It houses an adolescent intensive outpatient program, which includes both direct and indirect services with adolescents.  Counseling and an after school program are integral parts of the program.

Pathfinders, Harrodsburg, KY

MSW Foundation & Concentration

Pathfinders is very similar to the Unity House, but the population is children instead of adolescents.

Brenda Cowan Coalition for Kentucky Inc., Danville and Lexington, KY


The Coalition draws together those who strive to create opportunities for under-served women, children, and their families’ growth, leadership, and empowerment in order to attain a common vision: self-growth, peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. The Coalition offers a wide range of social services including supervised visitation sites, licensed personal care facility for the elderly, parenting education classes, domestic violence legal advocacy, domestic violence support groups, supportive housing for the homeless and disabled, used clothing store and an early learning center.    Student opportunities include case management, referrals, networking, intake, assessment and some limited psychosocials.  Safe Alternatives, in Richmond, KY., is also operated by the Coalition for women dealing with domestic violence.

Bridges in Communities, Nicholasville, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Bridges in Community is an organization designed to help produce a healthy environment by assisting families and communities cross barriers placed in front of them by providing in-home therapeutic services to children and families.  Two major objectives of BIC is to provide a bridge a bridge that will allow reciprocal means of communication to families and the community and to provide proactive preventive services as well as reactive services to at risk participants and families before resources and surrounding support are exhausted.  Services provided may include:  in-home and school counseling, call crisis intervention, intake procedure, adolescent and parent support groups, weekly family sessions, individual and family counseling, vocational training for adolescents and adults.  Foundation year students will be involved in frontline work with clients, attend court, prepare reports for judges, review case files of clients and help with office duties. Concentration year will include direct work with groups, individuals, families and parenting classes.

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Nicholasville, KY

Community Based Services


The department provides family support; childcare; child and adult protection; eligibility determinations for Medicaid and food stamps; energy assistance to low-income households through weatherization services and administration of an energy cost assistance program.  The department administers the state foster care and adoption systems and recruits and trains parents to care for the state's children who are waiting for a permanent home.  With offices in every county, DCBS provides services and programs to enhance the self-sufficiency of families; improve safety and permanency for children and vulnerable adults; and, engage families and community partners in a collaborative decision-making process.

Adult Protective Services

Student experiences include home visits with the supervisors, which leads to face-to-face interviews with the clients, case reports, and writing the Prevention Plans for clients with the supervisor. Phone calls are made, usually to other agencies to see whether they can meet client needs and for locating more resources for the clients. Opportunities exist for observing family court, criminal court and participating in other events that other APS related agencies organize throughout the community, such as the domestic violence month activity.

Child Protective Services

Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), Department of Community Based Services (DCBS)

Division of Protection and Permanency (DPP), Family Violence Prevention Board (FVPB)

All in Frankfort, KY.  (Observation and involvement in other counties available as well.)


The Division of Protection and Permanency provides consultative services and technical assistance to the service regions regarding issues of child and adult protection and permanency for children.  In addition, the division creates and monitors standards of practice and reviews legislation and regulations. The division also gathers data and creates reports to meet state and federal requirements and to track and monitor the Cabinet's progress on the goals of safety, permanency and well-being. 

Violence Prevention staff also work with the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP), the University of Kentucky, and the Department for Public Health on a ground breaking sexual violence prevention initiative.

The Family Violence Branch consists of: Rape Crisis Centers, Children’s Advocacy Centers and Batterer Intervention

Interns will have the opportunity to be involved with Children’s Advocacy Centers, Highly Specialized Services for children placed in out of home care and clinical consultation with direct practice staff. Other opportunities include: To attend and be a liaison for the Branch for Conferences, Interagency meetings, Community Planning Meetings, Task Force Meetings and/or Advisory Board meetings; To coordinate, assist in the planning and developing of community conferences; To consult with front line staff by assessing the client information concerning the clients’ history, background, competency, mental health, medical, education and treatment needs; To develop trainings resources and educational resources for direct practice social workers; To assist with other agency, program, policy and legislative assignments resulting from the legislative session; To participate in the legislative process (though bill reviews, attending legislative sessions or through rally’s); To develop and keep up-to-date a statewide resource referral database and other duties as assigned.

Intern manual can be found at:

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital provides acute physical rehabilitation services. CHRH is dedicated exclusively to rehabilitation practices specializing in the treatment of spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, pulmonary, multiple sclerosis, hip and knee replacements, and other disabling conditions for people of all ages.  In addition to inpatient therapy services, CHRH offers a comprehensive outpatient and home health service.  There is also an opportunity to have a practicum with their adult day health program. This is an outpatient day treatment program for younger disabled adults.

Catholic Social Services, Lexington, KY


Catholic Social Service Bureau (CSSB) is a non-profit, professional agency that has provided services to central and eastern Kentucky since 1988.  Sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Lexington, the agency serves people of all faiths.  Students will have a caseload that will include; coordinating the client schedule, maintaining client file, writing case notes, intake and discharge summaries. In addition to individual work, students may have experiences with group sessions and educational workshops, and will follow staff cases as well.

Central Baptist Home Health, Lexington, KY


 Central Baptist Hospital Home Health Care is a hospital-based, nonprofit agency.  The in home services they provide include skilled nursing, home health aide, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, medical social services and orthopedic care.  The agency strives to keep people in their homes as opposed to moving into a nursing home.  Students will participate in all areas of care provided including working with care plans and case management.

Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, KY 

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Central Baptist Hospital is a 371-bed major medical research and education center.  It has one of the busiest and most respected heart programs in the commonwealth, a Cancer Care Center that offers a full range of services, from chemotherapy to clinical trials and a family-centered obstetrics program. The hospital serves central and eastern Kentucky. Student experiences can be throughout various areas of the hospital.  Opportunities exit for case management, discharge planning (ensuring needs are adequately met before discharge), and some assessment.

Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Interns have the opportunity to gain exposure and hands on experience in many areas of a non-profit organization.   Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (CKRH) is dedicated to enriching the community by improving the quality of life and the health of children and adults with special physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs through therapeutic activities with the horse. Interns will be given the opportunity to learn about non-profit management, collaborate with other community organizations to build programs, screen participants for therapeutic riding, participate in a therapeutic riding lesson, set participants goals and document progress.   Interns must be comfortable working around horses and during all weather seasons.  CKRH is working toward developing a mental health program in which interns could work with a licensed mental health professional for direct client services.  This program will not be available for the 2010 session.

Children's Advocacy Center of the Bluegrass, Lexington, KY


After a disclosure of sexual abuse by a child, the family is forced to deal with many stressful issues.  An advocate at the Center is available to aid the family during this time.  Some activities may include but are not limited to: answering questions, educating the family on how the legal system works, and providing crisis counseling to the family.  The Center advocates also facilitate groups that educate and promote healing.  Family support group provides a support system that aids the non-offending parent in coping with his or her child's sexual abuse.  Topics addressed in this group include:  Identifying different types of abuse, stress management, managing their child's behavior and safety planning.  The Kids in Court program helps educate victims and their families about courtroom personnel and procedures through role-play in an actual courtroom.  Kids In Court stresses to the child that their role in court is to simply tell the truth.  The advocates also assist families by providing information about helpful community resources.  The advocates can coordinate transportation to and from the Center for appointments when needed.

Children’s Law Center, Lexington, KY.

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Staff at the Children’s Law Center work to protect and enhance the legal rights of children through quality legal representation, research and policy development, and training and education of attorneys and others regarding children’s rights issues. The Center’s priorities include the following: 1) Promote the rights of children to a safe, permanent home using a continuum of services and the least restrictive alternative; 2) Reduce the unnecessary incarceration of children in lieu of other appropriate alternatives, and ensure the safe and humane treatment of incarcerated youth consistent with constitutional protections to which they are entitled; 3) Reduce unnecessary government intervention into the lives of children and families to preserve family autonomy; 4) Promote and protect the rights of children to have access to counsel where statutorily, and/or otherwise necessary, to protect their vital interests; 5) Improve the quality of legal representation to children to ensure effective assistance of counsel; 6) Ensure children’s right to a free, appropriate public education is protected, including youth in out-of-home care or juvenile facilities, and/or who are transitioning back to communities; 7) Promote effective judicial policies to protect the right of children in the judicial system;  and  8) Promote equitable treatment of children without regarding to race, ethnicity, gender or handicapping condition. On a micro level, students of social work are assigned to do client interviews, conduct social histories, gather records for cases, attend Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) meetings with counsel of record, assist counsel in cases that are in juvenile or Family Court. On a mezzo level, students of social work identify trends from cases, participate in systemic and individual case strategies and work with small communities who share some of the same struggles (e.g. the Hispanic community, refugee community, homeless youth, inner city youth). Social workers learn how to advocate for individuals and communities by partnering on cases and projects with law students and attorneys.  Social workers conduct intake interviews that include an assessment of needs, strengths of a potential client and make referrals as needed.  On a macro level, social work students may assist the attorneys in large scale legislative and policy reform in areas of education law, juvenile justice and child welfare. Social work students are assigned the task of coordinating community organizing and education events in support of these reforms.

Christ the King Catholic Church, Refugee Ministry, Lexington, KY


Refugees come to this country as victims of trauma, as people who have lost their homes and families because of war, as people hoping for peace and freedom as they begin life anew.  Our program provides them with apartments and furnishings, helps enroll children in school, gets families to medical treatments, and secures employment for family members who are able to go to work.  Refugees come from very diverse educational and skill backgrounds, and we attempt to place the refugee in the best jobs available, given the client's language ability, background, training and experience.  Long-term assistance includes job upgrades, assistance with certain immigration processes, classes and assistance preparing individuals to become naturalized American citizens.  Students will help in basic resettlement services for refugees as is required by law.   Opportunities also exist for working with the various social service ministries within the church.                    

Chrysalis House, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Chrysalis house offers a wide variety of opportunities for students through their four programs.  The Chrysalis House offers services such as life skills training, vocational rehabilitation, and group and individual counseling to recovering women who do not have parenting responsibilities.  The Chrysalis Community Center provides a drug-free, safe environment for women and children to pursue a variety of education and recreational activities.  Comprehensive drug and crime prevention services for youth in the area are also provided.  The Chrysalis Family Program serves recovering women with parenting responsibilities.  Those services include life skills training, parenting skills education, vocational rehabilitation and individual and group counseling.  Resident families staying at Serenity Apartments which is a 40 unit apartment complex, are offered an array of services.

Common Good Community Development Corporation, Lexington, KY,

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Common Good is a faith-based nonprofit that focuses on Christ-centered programming for children, youth, and families in under-resourced neighborhoods in North Lexington.  Common Good is a grassroots, newly formed nonprofit.  Our mission is to advance wholistic community development in North Lexington through leadership development, education, recreation, and spiritual formation.  Our vision is for our community to live into its God-given potential evidenced by thriving children, strong families, and flourishing neighborhoods.  We desire that community members be reconciled to God and to each other. Our programs include an after-school program and a summer program for students grades K-12th.  We incorporate enrichment opportunities into our programs like art, music, gardening, cooking, life skills and sports.  Students will have the opportunity to practice social work in a multicultural setting (working with Latino immigrants, African refugees, Caucasians and African Americans), participate in a new non-profit from the ground up and be a part of a local Christian community development effort.

Croney and Clark, Inc., Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Croney and Clark, Inc. provides Impact Plus services to mentally ill children who are identified and referred by local agencies and professionals as needing intensive, in-home therapeutic services.  BSW practicum students train and work in the critical areas of case management.  This involves working with the service coordinators who assess, develop, and coordinate wrap-around services for children and families.  Case management demands vast knowledge of the social service, mental health, child welfare, and health services available to children and their caregivers.  Case managers must also coordinate with professionals from every relevant discipline and tailor plans to the specific problems of the child and family.  MSW practicum students work and train with the CSW and LCSW clinicians.  These clinicians deliver services directly to children and families by performing assessments, working to develop effective treatment plans, and delivering a range of interventions and treatment tailored for child and adult clients.

Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, KY.

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Eastern State Hospital is a part of Bluegrass Regional Mental Health/Mental Retardation Board.  This facility provides inpatient care for adults with acute disorders, persistent mental illness & dual diagnoses. Under supervision, the student will observe and when appropriate perform a full range of clinical services related to the care and treatment of adult psychiatric patients.  Other related functions the supervisor may perform are:  supervise or direct programs for the adult psychiatric patient, assist in the development of surveys and research projects, may conduct in-service training programs for employees and students, conduct individual, family, and group therapy, provides psychological testing and evaluation, may supervise a small number of staff and/or students in a treatment program, utilize skilled therapeutic techniques in dealing with persons or families that require intensive services, may provide consultation services,  attend staff meetings and seminars, assist in conducting patient staffings along with the formulation of patient treatment plans, recommend assistance programs to patient/family such as supplemental security income, veteran’s offices, and comprehensive care centers, obtain psychosocial history on new admissions, write progress reports, summaries, transfer forms, transfer notes, letters, and other reports as applicable, assist in the formulation of discharge plans with unit staff and treatment team members, may testify at civil commitment hearings, participate in Performance Improvement functions.

Ed Necco and Associates, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Necco serves children ages birth to 21 years. The average age is 14 years old, and they come from both Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Department for Juvenile Justice. Necco works with youth who have often had an extended history of failed placements. We provide community based services through therapeutic foster care, independent living programming, and juvenile detention alternatives. As an agency, Necco believes that when youth are taught to develop specific skills, their new competencies will help crowd out deviant behaviors. Students will have the opportunity to conduct individual and group counseling sessions, assist in developing treatment plans and strength and needs assessment, participate in treatment team meetings, help with crisis intervention, and work with community partners. Also, students will be able to help with grant writing and fundraising activities. Case management responsibilities such as linking, referring, and advocating are opportunities as well.  The students will attend visits with the foster children weekly in the homes, school, or agency office. Graduate students may have the opportunity to carry a caseload of 4-5 youth.  Necco works with foster homes in Fayette County and surrounding counties.

Elkhorn Baptist Association, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Elkhorn Baptist Association is a “Family of Churches” involved in missions and ministry.  They provide resources to their churches as they seek to fulfill the great commission.  Elkhorn Baptist Association is also a Missional Association actively involved in meeting the needs of people and telling about Jesus Christ.  There are many ministries and resources students will be involved in with this agency.  Among those are: the food ministries; preparing and serving hot meals to those in need, a sack lunch ministry and an emergency food pantry.  Another ministry is The Toy Project ministry, where parents can come and purchase toys for their children at a fraction of the cost.  A Bible, health kit and Christmas stocking with candy are also given to each child.  Other ministries and activities include child, youth and adult Bible studies, usually with a meal provided, youth night, home to home visitation, GED classes, tutoring, helping with the Read to Succeed Program, worship services for adults and children, pre-school mothering program, help to design special programs such as with the police department, drug and depression classes, tracking benevolence.

Ephriam McDowell Regional Medical Center, Danville, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Ephriam McDowell is a 222-bed facility that is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of people in Boyle and the surrounding counties. The hospital provides services to many patients in multiple areas of health care. Much of the student work will be involved in case management of patients. Masters students may gather information for the psychosocial assessment, plan and complete discharge services, make referral to community resource and place patients in nursing homes. Students may also learn about the legalities of adult and geriatric services. Involvement in a comprehensive behavioral health service on an inpatient and outpatient basis is also offered.

Faith in Action: Elder Outreach, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Faith In Action recruits, trains, and coordinates volunteers to assist individuals age 65 or older who need support and care to remain at home.  The volunteers are key to the organization. Students will receive training to provide non-medical, in-home care and support to older adults and their primary caregivers.  Students provide assistance with daily living activities which could include: help with grocery shopping, meal preparation, respite care, transportation to and from appointments, friendly visits, reassurance calls, minor home repairs, yard work and light housekeeping.  Most of the student work will involve one on one time with the clients.  Opportunities also exist to learn about the administrative tasks of running the organization.

Family Counseling Service, Inc., Lexington, KY


Family Counseling Service (FCS) is a non-profit organization that has been a leader in providing clinical and therapeutic services at affordable rates for over a century.  FCS has evolved while still maintaining its dedication to helping individuals cope with life’s problems.  Today, FCS serves a diversity of clients through a multidisciplinary staff of experienced mental health clinicians.  FCS provides client-centered and solution focused evaluation and treatment services managing issues of everyday life for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  They deliver a wide range of services, including individual, couple, family and group therapy, educational programs, and workshops.  BSW student responsibilities include grant writing, community work, working with varying families and groups and involvement in other areas of the agency.  MSW students will see clients, usually with 6-8 clients on their caseload, and work with the Fayette County School System.  The population includes clients over a wide range of ages and diagnoses.  Students must be able to show good professional judgment, due to the nature of the work and be self-directed.

Fayette County Attorney's Office Victim Advocacy Division, Lexington, KY


The Fayette County Attorney’s Office, Victim’s Advocate Program, provides victims of domestic violence professional assistance through the court system. The victim’s Advocate Program assists anyone who has been the victim of domestic violence occurring in Fayette County. It is the responsibility of the County Attorney’s Office to offer and coordinate quality comprehensive victim services to crime victims.  Services offered include: crisis intervention for crime victims and their families, guidance through the criminal justice system and court support, safety plans, alarm systems, referral for 9-1-1- mobile phones, referrals to community agencies and organizations, service as a liaison with law enforcement agencies, courts and corrections, and assistance with crime victim compensations and VINE information. After some training, students will have opportunities to perform all the tasks of an advocate.

Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Lexington, KY


The goal of the Crime Victim’s Assistance Program is to identify and provide direct comprehensive services to victims of violent crime including sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, physical assault, robbery, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, stalking, wanton endangerment, families of victims of homicide, and victims of residential burglary.  The Victims' Advocates work closely with the Commonwealth's Attorney and his assistants, and act as a liaison between the victim and various entities of the criminal justice system.  The Victims' Advocates also work with various local helping agencies and support groups in addressing the needs of the crime victim.  Practicum students will work with Victim Advocates as they assist victims navigating the criminal justice process.  Students are exposed to all aspects of criminal prosecution

Fayette County School System, Various locations throughout Lexington, KY

Various opportunities exist throughout the school system in the elementary, middle and high schools working with the Family Resource Coordinators, school social workers and in some cases school counselors who hold an MSW.

Florence Crittenton Home, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Florence Crittenton Home is a private non-profit, residential treatment facility that provides medical, nutritional, educational, and counseling services in a home-like environment for Kentucky's young women facing single pregnancy and parenting, abuse and neglect.  Opportunities for students include participation in the day to day functions of the organization, implementation of individualized treatment plans, crisis intervention, coordination of services, co-facilitating maternity and shelter psychotherapy groups, facilitating psycho-educational groups such and independent living and social skills and provision of psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, and individual sessions with supervision.

Gateway Homeless Coalition, Inc., Morehead, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Gateway Homeless Coalition (GHC) provides shelter and supportive services to homeless individuals and families in a six county service area: Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan and Rowan Counties. GHC works with shelter residents to identify and address barriers with the goal of assisting them in securing and maintaining safe, decent and affordable long-term housing. Practicum experiences include: intake, assessment, and case management with on-site and off-site clients, advocacy and referrals to appropriate resources, documenting interactions with clients, conducting house meetings and on-site trainings for shelter residents, collaborating with other service providers, and development and review of policy and procedures.

Goodwill Industries of KY.


Goodwill Industries of Kentucky (Bluegrass Division) serves individuals with disabilities and disadvantages.  The Workforce Development Department staff helps program participants in a variety of different programs.  The main focus of each program is to assist participants in obtaining and maintaining employment through providing the following services:

  • Intake & Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Referrals to Community Resources
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Job Placement & Retention Assistance
  • Vocational Evaluation / Assessment

Students will assist Workforce Development Specialists with intakes, assessments, referrals to community agencies, and will assist participants in either finding employment and/or helping participants maintain employment.

Habitat for Humanity

MSW-Foundation, (Concentration for organization or administrative experience)

LEXINGTON HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, INC. is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian ministry that cultivates partnerships with families in need, sponsors and volunteers to build simple, decent, affordable housing in Fayette County, Kentucky. Lexington Habitat brings people from all walks of life together, without discrimination, in order to create a stronger, more caring community. Further, as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, Lexington Habitat supports global building projects.  Students will be performing intakes and screening applicants on the phone.  Due to the structure of Habitat, it is important for the student to be available on Monday evenings and Saturdays.  Monday night is the educational program on Homeownership.  The student will be a part of the program and at times, work with the children of the families.  Saturdays is when the families work on building their homes, so the student will be with the family in this setting as well as participate in the construction of the home.  There are also possibilities of grant writing, shadowing the executive director, fund raising, especially in the Re-Store, and learning how a non-profit works.

Heritage Hospice

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Heritage Hospice, Inc. enhances life by empowering patients and families to better cope with physical, emotional, social and spiritual concerns in the final stages of life.  Hospice care is for the patient whose illness is no longer responding to aggressive curative treatment. Hospice addresses all the symptoms of the disease with special emphasis on controlling the patient’s pain and discomfort. Bereavement services are offered to family members, caregivers and to the community whether or not they were served by Heritage Hospice. Students will deal with a variety of social work roles, including offering support, information, education, and referral services. Also, they will help patient and families to identify problems and get the help they may need. The services will be offered in the patient home, nursing home, and hospital.  Students will shadow social workers in the beginning, be apart of the interdisciplinary team, complete comprehensive assessments, and have a small caseload. Opportunities are also available in bereavement services.

Hope Center for Men  Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The recovery program provides a long-term recovery approach that is both peer-driven and professionally supervised. It teaches the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Recovery Dynamics curriculum in a community atmosphere that emphasizes both personal responsibility and mutual accountability.  The men’s program includes a non-medical, licensed detoxification center that has eight beds and is always open.  Practicum experiences include meeting with clients, attending the 28 classes in the program and assisting with homework.  Advanced student will have opportunities to do some counseling.  The mental health program provides service to those who are homeless due to chronic mental illness giving them access to the comprehensive psychological care that they desperately need.

Hospice of the Bluegrass  Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Since 1978, Hospice of the Bluegrass has provided quality end of life care to terminally ill patients and their families using a comprehensive spectrum of care--from palliative outpatient services to in home medical services to family and community support.  Grief and bereavement services extend to family members, caregivers and anyone in grief whether or not their loved one was a hospice patient.  Students will deal with social work roles and end of life care including financial impact, end of life directives, grief work, and cultural issues, among others.  Depending on program year, students will provide psychosocial assessments developing skills as well as knowledge, shadowing advanced clinicians in the beginning, be part of an interdisciplinary team and may have a small caseload.  Some services will be in homes, nursing homes, and hospitals including some specialty areas such as pediatrics.  Opportunities in administration also exist.

Jessamine County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Victim’s Advocate


The student will gain a working knowledge of the Criminal Court System, specifically those cases which have a victim or victims of a violent crime.  They will gain an understanding of how cases progress through the criminal justice system from beginning to end and the impact this process has on victims.  Opportunities exist to work with victims directly, through education, keeping them informed about the status of their individual case, attending court proceedings, offering emotional support, guidance, and resources as necessary for each victim.  The student will have the opportunity to sit in on meetings between the attorney, victim and victim's advocate.  The student will attend monthly GUS (Growing Up Safe) meetings, where various members of the community get together to discuss potential and current child sex abuse cases.  A variety of skills are used in the Victim Advocate position.  First and foremost, it is necessary to be a support person, educator and empathetic listener for the victim and family members.  There are also organizational skills that are of great importance so as to stay on top of each case and keep victims informed in a timely manner.

Jessamine County School System, Nicholasville and Wilmore, KY and surrounding areas

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Jessamine County School system provides a variety of opportunities in elementary and middle schools. Practicum experiences vary and include working with the school social workers through education, groups and some individual work to working with the Family Resource Center (FRC) to provide comprehensive services to students including in home visits, community programs for children at large and more family centered work.

Brookside Elementary—Family Resource Center, BSW

East Jessamine Middle School—School Social Work, MSW Foundation and Concentration

East Jessamine High School- School Social Work, MSW Foundation and Concentration

Warner Elementary School—Family Resource Center, BSW

West Jessamine Middle School—School Social Work, MSW Foundation and Concentration

Wilmore Elementary School—School Social Work, BSW, MSW Foundation and Concentration

Jessamine County Schools, County Attendance Advocate

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The County Attendance Advocate is a program within the Jessamine County School System.  The advocate’s primary responsibility is attendance (truancy), but the advocate also works with other district and school level personnel on drop out reduction.  Students will attend home visits, complete assessments, counsel, mentor, collaborate with school attendance liaisons, and do some data collection. Other opportunities exist for attending Family Court, if desired a research project, working with the Truancy Diversion Program in the five primary schools and through this connection learn about collaboration, team building and community partnership. The TDP team is led by the local Court Designated Workers, which provides a whole different perspective on how to deal with juvenile issues.

Jessamine Early Learning Village, Nicholasville, KY

                MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Jessamine Early Learning Village (JELV) is a countywide preschool and kindergarten operated by the Jessamine County Public School System.  Opportunities exist to work with children with emotional and behavior disorders, working with all students to gather data, develop strategies for teachers, and deal with daily problems.  The Family Resource Center (FRC) provides experiences in home visits, community programs for children at large, more family centered work, and coordination of student services.

The Providence School, Wilmore, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Providence School (TPS) is a nontraditional public middle and high school serving "at risk" students in Jessamine County.  TPS provides both school and counseling experiences.  Responsibilities include managing transcripts and class credits, master schedule for classes, schedule changes, developing Individual Learning Plans aimed at careers, crisis management, problem-solving, peer mediation and conflict resolution.  Groups are offered based on need and individual counseling.  As part of a multi-disciplinary team help prepare in-services for staff and manage referrals from county schools and TPS.

Students in Transition

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The “Students in Transition Program” is a program offered by the Jessamine County School system, which provides services to students and families experiencing some type of homelessness.  This program gives these families and the children the option to stay in their school, even if they move, if it is in the child’s best interest; assist with the school enrollment, (with or without proof of residency, immunizations, school records or other papers); get transportation to school; go to pre-school programs; receive all the educational services and programs they need; have disagreements with schools settled quickly and go to school while the disagreements are settled and to connect with community resources.   Students will assist in these areas and have opportunities for assessment, referrals, support the students academic needs, assist and/or lead groups, home visits and overall advocate for the students rights.

Jessamine County Sr. Citizen Center, Nicholasville, KY


The Jessamine County Senior Citizen Center serves seniors 60+ who are still in their home.  The agency goes into the homes and arranges for services such as personal care, homemaking, hospice or more skilled nursing care.  Each client's assessment is updated every six months with home visits made every other months and phone calls in between.  Referrals are also assessed from home health agencies.  The center also runs a senior companion program that is a service to seniors on a fixed income who are paid to go sit with others.  Students will participate in all services.

Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, Various Locations

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

KY DJJ strives to promote a comprehensive array of cost-effective services for at-risk youth directed toward preventing delinquency, providing efficient rehabilitation services, and altering the rate of recidivism with appropriate aftercare, while minimizing risk to the community.  Among the opportunities the student will have are going with the Juvenile Services Specialist out in the field to attend court, observe the specialist as he helps the case managers with their more difficult cases, observe the initial review and approval of all pre-disposition investigation reports to the Juvenile Court and serving as the liaison between the courts, the staff and DJJ’s Classification Branch in Frankfort regarding youth who need to be placed for residential treatment.  The student may also have opportunities to write court reports, visit a number of residential treatment programs, observe the Substance Abuse Counseling Coordinator and the supervisor, assistant workers with managing some ongoing cases and documentation.

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy, Frankfort, KY.   

(Sites available in various locations throughout the state, depending on the availability of an MSW for supervision.)


Kentucky public defenders work for a state agency called the Department of Public Advocacy (DPA). The            DPA is nationally recognized as a model statewide public defender system. The DPA utilizes a holistic approach to serving their clients by incorporating Forensic Social Workers. FSW incorporates Social Work and the Law. FSWs utilize their skills to assist the attorney in addressing their clients’ legal as well as personal needs.  All DPA social work interns will have the opportunity to conduct interviews, assess clients, complete social histories, provide support services to the client/families, locate potential alternative treatment placements, gather records, collaborate with the attorney, assist attorneys in understanding their clients’ needs, such as mental illness and substance abuse issues, and facilitate interagency collaboration.  In the Trial Division, students work with clients that are accused of committing a crime to: assess client needs, address client needs, and seek alternatives to incarceration.  Social Workers in this division are frequently involved in court proceedings

Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Refugees come to this country as victims of trauma, as people who have lost their homes and families because of war, as people hoping for peace and freedom as they begin life anew.  Our program provides them with apartments and furnishings, helps enroll children in school, gets families to medical treatments, and secures employment for family members who are able to go to work.  Refugees come from very diverse educational and skill backgrounds, and we attempt to place the refugee in the best jobs available, given the client's language ability, background, training and experience.  Long-term assistance includes job upgrades, assistance with certain immigration processes, classes and assistance preparing individuals to become naturalized American citizens.   Students will help with basic resettlement services as is required by law.

Kentucky United Methodist Home for Children, Versailles, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Kentucky United Methodist Home for Children is a private, residential home for "at-risk" children ages 12-17.  Some children are committed to the state and in the custody of DCBS.  Bachelor level students will review referrals, attend clinical teams, interact with residents and set in on some sessions.  Bachelor students will also learn foundations of the agency and the client system with which they will be working.    MSW students will be assigned a client for full spectrum of services and they will practice treatment planning.

Lexcare, Lexington, KY


Lex-Care is a not-for-profit organization of service providers dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of the community through emergency funding, in-kind assistance, and education in partnerships with other agencies.  The purpose of the Corporation is to act as a clearinghouse of information and communication between member agencies, organizations and corporations; to create, provide or enhance social services throughout the community.  This Macro practicum includes grant writing, taking referrals from social workers in other agencies confirming information then linking people to referrals and services, maintaining and updating membership lists and doing follow-up surveys.

Lexington Fayette Urban County Government, (LFUCG), Various social service agencies in Lexington.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) is mission driven and service oriented. Three divisions: Adults & Tenants, Families and Youth Services along with a Senior Citizens Center, LexLinc and other programs provide a broad array of services including utility and relocation assistance, language interpretation, medical and dental care for teenage mothers and their young children and families, preschool and childcare, summer youth employment opportunities, as well as a host of other youth programs and adolescent support services. The Department is proud to be accredited by the national social service accrediting body Council on Accreditation  and of its collaborative efforts with community partner agencies. DSS recognizes the importance of having all residents healthy and fully engaged so together we can help move Lexington forward ensuring its rightful place as a vibrant and progressive twenty-first century community 

                LFUCG - Aging Services and Independent Living, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

One of the main areas within the Office of Aging Services and Independent Living is the Lexington Senior Center that is a community focal point on aging.  This is where older adults come together for service and activities that enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in the community.  Seniors can receive assistance with basic needs, information and assistance.  The BSW student will be able to experience community social work, client assessment, assistance, and programming. The MSW student will support and assist the Office of Aging Services and Independent Living with the delivery and coordination of 4 major conferences and events, assist with two Mayor Appointed Commissions and assist with policy development.

                LFUCG - Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Lexington, KY.

MSW-Foundation, Concentration in the area of administration.

The Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lexington provides court appointed, trained, volunteer advocates to speak for children who through court action have been deemed abused and/or neglected. CASA volunteers act as another set of eyes and ears for the Judge. CASA works in cooperation with other agencies, monitors compliance with court orders, investigates and submits independent reports to the court with recommendations in the “best interest” of the child.  Student opportunities include grant writing, recruitment and training of volunteers, support of volunteers, linkage with other agencies, sitting on committees,working with the board, fundraisers and working on the newsletter. 

There are three training sessions a year the student will be involved with.  This practicum provides experience working with an agency that is a non-profit but yet a part of city government.  

                LFUCG - Day Treatment Center, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Lexington Day Treatment Center is a community based treatment program for youth ages of 12-18 who are residents of Fayette County. The Center offers a specialized treatment program with an educational component for male and female youth who have demonstrated difficulty functioning in their home school setting. With individualized treatment and adequate support services youth are provided an opportunity to remain in the community and experience success.  Students will participate in intakes, treatment planning, treatment team meetings, group counseling and co-leader of some groups, some individual sessions, learn and implement the behavior management systems in the classroom, and assist in weekly reviews of behaviors and attendance.

LFUCG- Division of Adult and Tenant Services,  Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Services at this center include, but are not limited to: Social Services Case Management services are provided to adults and their families who have the potential of becoming victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Services include: information and referral, home visits, transportation, advocacy, assistance in making application for a variety of social service programs and representative payee program.

Tenant Services:Counseling and guidance provided to lower income individuals and families with housing and related socio-economic and legal concerns. The services provided include assistance in obtaining human services and other resources, mediation of landlord/tenant conflicts and home ownership counseling to low/moderate income families.  Student experiences will include screening clients for services, making referrals to other agencies when appropriate, developing case plans for individual clients and provide intensive case management services.  Students must possess excellent communication skills, computer proficiency: MS Office, internet, etc. and have the ability to negotiate crisis intervention scenarios while managing casework.

LFUCG - Domestic Violence Prevention Board, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The DVPB is a coordinating council that brings together citizens, agencies, and public officials to strengthen Fayette County’s response to family violence.  They continually assess the availability, accessibility and quality of services to victims of domestic violence and their families, and develop policies and programs in the community to prevent domestic violence and promote effective intervention.  The DVPB troubleshoots system level problems and provides information and referral services to victims.  DVPB offers students interested in a macro level placement, preferably with some experience in micro, an opportunity to be part of an agency with a focus on family and interpersonal violence and community coordination.  This practicum is through the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.  Student experiences will include community education, attending meetings and court, developing programs and materials, net working with other agencies and various areas that will come up while working with the agency.

               LFUCG - Family Care Center, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The goal of the Division of Family Services is to help young parents identify their strengths, enhance their skills, develop a support system, and eventually become self-sufficient.  This is accomplished through community collaboration to offer needed services on site.  The Center seeks to help families become self-sufficient by providing an array of services on-site including:  education, child care, health clinic, assistance to first time parents, case management, and services to teen mothers. Students will have varied opportunities across many of the programs offered.

LFUCG - Lexington Police Department, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Lexington Police Department is under the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government.  There are various units within the department.  The student will be working within the family abuse unit of the Bureau of Investigations. This unit consists of the domestic violence unit, crimes against children unit, elder abuse unit, and missing/runaway juveniles unit. Student involvement will include the following: assist detectives in completing assigned investigations, assist domestic violence victims with safety,  multi-disciplinary team meetings, and other assigned duties.  There will also be an opportunity to interact with other agencies such as: Department for Community Based Services, Prosecutors Office, The Children's Advocacy Center, Comprehensive Care, and Other Social Service Agencies.

LFUCG-The Lexington Senior Center,  Lexington, KY


The Lexington Senior Center is a community focal point on aging, where older adults come together for services and activities that enhance their dignity support their independence and encourage their involvement in the community.  The Lexington Senior Center is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed all major holidays.  Students at the Senior Center assist with activities for the seniors, assist with parties and special events, and socialize with the seniors.  Students assist with making referrals to other agencies, and go on home visits with the social workers.  Students will also assist with the food commodities program, Thanksgiving Baskets, and Farmer's Market vouchers.

Lexington Rescue Mission, Lexington, KY


Lexington Rescue Mission is a nonprofit, faith-based, social services organization, which is focused on meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of hurting people in the greater Lexington area.  The organization operates the Life Renewal Program, a men’s one-year residential addiction recovery program, at The Potter’s House. There are opportunities for male students to help program participants advance through their process of recovery.   The organization also helps families overcome barriers to self-sufficiency through services it provides at the Outreach Center, including community meals, public chapel services, emergency financial assistance for rent and utility bills, health clinic, employment and housing services, life skills trainings, outreach workshops, and general social work.  Finally, the organization has two thrift stores, which enables it to operate multiple work therapy programs. Based on the student’s goals, a practicum can be designed to provide valuable services for the organization and a unique and meaningful work experience for the student.

Liberty Ridge Senior Living Community, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The majority of experience will be at the micro-level, however some macro experience is possible from time-to-time.  Professional access to community groups, organization, and conferences is available as options arise.  Learning opportunities consist of, but are not limited to: assessment skills, one-on-one counseling, observe and shadow Resident Assistants, knowledge of State Assisted Living Rules/Regulations, awareness of Elder Housing Facilities in area, assist with move-in process of new residents, assist with promotional/marketing events, assist life enrichment director, transport residents, increase knowledge of dementia and increase knowledge of tasks of running an assisted living facility.

MASH Services of the Bluegrass, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

MASH Drop Inn is a ten bed emergency shelter for youth ages birth to 17.  They offer a safe, home-like environment for runaway and homeless youth and youth awaiting placement in foster care, as well as those who access the Safe Place services.  The Safe Places services provide access to immediate help and supportive resources for all young people in crisis.  Other services offered there include: emergency shelter, respite care, Beacon Station Outreach, (which provides enriching activities to youth ages 11 to 17 after school), transitional housing, 24-Hour Crisis Intervention, counseling and case management, parenting support, independent living skills development, information and referral and aftercare.  Practicum students will have opportunities to be involved in all aspects of the program especially working in case management, youth advocacy, (helping youth to set goals, making case plans), assessment and working in conjunction with DCBS, and being involved in the court appearances of the youth.  Advanced MSW students have opportunities for counseling with the youth, both individual and group, meeting with the parents, and working with problem solving.

Maxwell Street Presbyterian Social Services, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration (if interested in administration)

Maxwell Street is a church rooted in Christ where people of diverse backgrounds, interests, hopes, and dreams find an open and welcoming spiritual community together, experience the transforming power of the Spirit, and engage in works of justice and peace, for the blessing of our community and world.  Through the church, a wide range of social services are offered to the homeless and marginally housed.  Students will get a basic idea of services available in Lexington and help with areas such as rent assistance, medical referrals, and other basic needs.  There are opportunities to work with many of the mission outreaches of the church such as: Kid's Cafe, a cafe for low-income kids operated at a neighborhood center; prison ministry; and serving meals.  Opportunities exist for experiences in administration and grant writing.

Mission Lexington Medical Clinic, Lexington, KY


Mission Lexington, Inc. is a faith-based hands-on ministry founded in 2005.  Partner churches include: Faith Lutheran Church, Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and Calvary Baptist Church.  The medical clinic provides primary health care to the working population without insurance coverage.  There is a pharmacy, lab and examination rooms.  It is serviced by an all-volunteer staff that includes physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.  Student opportunities include:  work with patients in the drug company assistance programs getting prescriptions, intake, case management, community activism, direct client interaction, opportunities for macro social work experience through grant writing and community events and involvement in community collaboration.  This practicum provides an opportunity to work with a small, up and coming grassroots organization.  Both day and evening hours are available. 

Nicholasville United Methodist Church, Nicholasville, KY


Nicholasville United Methodist Church has both traditional and contemporary worship services and the church seeks to impact the community for Christ with a multitude of social ministries.  Manna Food Ministry provides a hot meal to all who come to the Saturday lunches with take-out meals available to those attending for themselves or others in need.  There are also canned and packaged food items available to those in attendance.  The Clothing Ministry is open the last Saturday of the month and has clothing and accessories for all ages.  “Good Grief” an eight-week educational and support group is offered each fall and spring and gives the interns an opportunity to participate in planning and presenting the sessions.  Other opportunities for the students include assisting in ongoing social ministry programs and participate in compiling a social network director for the church and community use.  This directory is to include services currently offered in Jessamine County and reference outreach programs in near-by counties that are open to Jessamine County residents.  Students would also network with area churches that have social ministry programs to identify and evaluate areas of possible outreach for the church.

Office of the Friend of the Court, Lexington, KY


The Office of the Friend of the Court is under The Fayette County Attorney’s Office, Child Support Division.  Students will spend most of their time working with the domestic violence specialist.  Among the opportunities students will experience are: locating research articles relevant to best practices for the area of domestic violence; attending the various family courts to observe different judges; evaluate why some cases are referred to this office; observe the different roles in the court such as advocates, lawyers, defendants, etc.; looking at the laws regarding domestic violence and their history as well as who the court responds to and why as far as the laws are concerned.  Students will also observe interviews with the victims and perpetrators, as well as assessments, record checking of various people involved in the court process and writing reports.   Involvement is possible in following the laws and legal proceedings in issues dealing with child abuse and dependency by writing letter, e-mails, etc. to effect change.

Opportunities for Work and Learning (OWL), Lexington, KY.

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Vision Statement: To create a world without barriers to employment.  Mission Statement: OWL partners within communities to educate and equip individuals with barriers to employment to reach their vocational goals.  OWL is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals who have barriers to employment find and maintain successful employment. What makes OWL unique is how each potential client is met where he or she is without discrimination or prejudgment. OWL works not only to achieve the employment goal but strives to empower the individual to take informed risks and look at life from a positive viewpoint. OWL collaborates and partners with many agencies including ones at the local, state, and federal levels to provide the most optimized services. A student would have the opportunity to gain experience at both the micro and macro levels by interacting with a diverse population and a wide range of disabilities and barriers.

Potential tasks may include: Intake & Assessments, Case Management, Referrals to Resources, Individual and/or Group Counseling, Person Centered Planning, Job Readiness Training, Job Development/Placement, Job Coaching, Providing Long Term Support, Grant Writing, Program Development, Developing/Updating Resource Guide, Community Involvement, Technology Training and Developing/Facilitating Workshops.

*Background Checks Required For All Interns

Website Links Related to OWL

Paul Dalton Counseling, Lexington, KY


Paul Dalton is an established private practice counseling center where they deal with all mental health and life issues, including specialties in alcohol and drug counseling. Advanced MSW students will have the opportunity to observe and learn about the administrative duties of a private practice from the ground up.  A majority of the clinical practice will take place at The Ridge.  Direct practice will include group therapy, individual and family counseling, participating in staffing, recreational therapy and substance abuse groups.

Quest Farm, Georgetown, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Quest Farm's mission is to provide a loving home/workplace for adults with developmental disabilities where they may reach their full potential spiritually, physically, mentally, and vocationally.  Quest Farm, Inc. is a working farm community where adults with developmental disabilities live in a nurturing and enriching environment. The educated and knowledgeable Adult Day Training staff encourage and train individuals to acquire farming skills in areas such as gardening, horticulture, landscaping, crafts, woodworking, cottage industries, vegetable production, animal care, retailing, equipment use and maintenance, lawn care, etc.  The vocational and educational skills allow the individuals to be productive citizens and contribute as much as they can to society. Quest Farm also gives each individual the opportunity to become a part of a loving family-like atmosphere that is Christian based, in their home as well as their workplace. The residents live in one of the three residential homes with a set of House Managers. There are six farmers per house. Quest Farm provides an excellent learning opportunity if you enjoy working with developmentally disabled adults and want an opportunity to learn more about the operation and administration of a program with a creative mission.

Refuge for Women

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Refuge for Women aims to offer a new beginning to women who wish to leave the adult entertainment industry. There is no charge to guests as they live and work together as a family towards healing. We are a faith based non-profit that is not licensed as a treatment facility by the state of Kentucky. Our staff uses volunteers and curriculum through a mentoring style approach to help each woman progress through the unique challenges each of them has faced in life. We ask each woman for a minimum of a 3-month commitment with the option of staying longer if she chooses. While there the women will develop and work on a "Life Plan" - focusing on physical and emotional health, spiritual growth, education, and life skills necessary for a stable and productive life. Our desire is for each woman to identify the goals she wants to achieve as we provide curriculum that will prepare her for accomplishing these goals.  As women complete their time with us, they will have the opportunity to serve other women in the industry through ministry internships, or they may choose to pursue resources towards further education and stable employment.  Refuge for Women partners with local resources in the surrounding communities to best serve each woman. These partnerships may include counseling services, medical resources, educational opportunities, and more.

Specialized Alternatives for Family and Youth, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) cares for children who are victims of neglect and abuse in their own homes, focusing on treatment, intervention, adoption and the placement of children whose intensive needs cannot be managed through traditional foster care. SAFY’s primary focus is therapeutic or treatment foster care. This program is designed for children who are unable to remain with their primary families, including individualized services from a team of professionally trained foster families, social workers and therapists. SAFY’s foster care program is intended as a short-term solution with the goal of reunifying the primary family, whenever possible or foster to adopt homes where children find a permanent home. In Lexington, SAFY’s scattered site independent living program is designed to help youth become self-sufficient adults and continue their education when young people “age out” of the system. Youth ages 18 and up learn the necessary skills to live on their own, such as financial management, career/educational planning, tax preparation, budgeting and other life skills while living in their own apartment and attending school. SAFY strives to make the transition into adulthood as smooth as possible. Students interning at SAFY will work with both youth and families.  They will develop both case management and clinical skills, including resource identification, assessment, and treatment

Shepherd’s House, Lexington, KY


Shepherd's House is a transitional and therapeutic living facility for men, 18 years+ in recovery from addictions.  The philosophy of Shepherd's House is to assist clients in gaining life skills, which will empower them to take responsibility for their lives.  The Shepherd's House atmosphere is conducive to recovery and to re-establishing a life-changing fellowship that will ultimately lead to a successful recovery and reentry into the community.  We believe the needs of individuals in recovery are best met through a healthy reliance on peer group support, 12 step programs and the concept of caring and sharing.  In doing so we create a framework for a life that can be lived substance free.  Practicum students will be under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker.  Students will be expected to carry a small caseload of several clients and will meet with them on a weekly basis for approximately 1 hour.  The student will be responsible for maintenance of the chart and updating the treatment plan. We have a treatment team meeting once a week.  We review all clients at this time.  This is a mandatory meeting for any student participating in the practicum.  We also ask students to participate in one group weekly.  All groups are in the evening between 6-7pm.   We ask that prospective students have a fairly flexible late afternoon and early evening schedule.  Since the clients are expected to work during the day, most of them will need appointments in the late afternoon or early evening.

Step by Step, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Step By Step is a ministry designed specifically to reach out to young unwed women, ages 14 to 24, who have become mothers as a result of an unplanned pregnancy. These young women have a tough job ahead of them. They are faced with raising their children alone. Most feel overwhelmed and frightened because raising children is a big job, even for two loving parents with resources. It seems even more difficult when they face eyes of disapproval and judgment at every corner. Before they have even begun, the world has labeled them “failures”. 

God has called us to make a difference. What these young women need is guidance and support. They need acceptance without judgment. They need someone to tell them that they don’t HAVE to fail. They need to know that they have both the ability and responsibility to offer themselves and their children a promising future. They need hope and they need love. Students will participate in services offered including workshops, retreats, mentoring and support groups on topics such as parenting, life skills, budgeting, education, Christian faith, sexual purity and more.

Sunrise Children's Services, Danville, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Sunrise is an 18 bed psychiatric residential treatment facility consisting of two cottages joined in the middle.  It is for boys ages 6-12 who have had multiple hospitalizations.  Staffing is provided 24/7.  Some of the children are still in the home and some are in DCBS state's custody.  Each cottage is staffed with a therapist and a nurse.  Opportunities exist for individual, group and family sessions for bachelor and master level practicums.

Surgery On Sunday, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Surgery on Sunday, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides outpatient surgical services to income-eligible individuals and families who do not have health insurance and are not eligible for federal or state assistance.  Patients are referred from existing organizations in the community and receive much needed medical procedures that can range from dental work to general operations to reconstructive procedures.  Surgery on Sunday serves as a link between the clients and doctors and students will be a part of providing that link.  There will be the opportunity to meet the medical community, while spending time with the client.  Students will process referrals beginning with the initial contact, scheduling the operations, coordinating the surgery day and the post-op calls after the surgery.  The opportunity also exists for involvement in research and grants, for those interested students.  Other activities include attending board meetings, meeting with community groups, exposure to other agencies in the community and assistance in the day-to-day tasks of running an agency.

The Nest: A Center for Women, Children and Families,  Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Center has identified critical areas of social need and developed and implemented programs to successfully address these needs including:  THE NEST, our free crisis daycare serves to prevent child abuse and neglect by assisting families in crisis to solve problems and reduce stress levels;  FAMILY WORKABILITY, our welfare to work job retention program serves to assist women in developing  the skills necessary to juggle family and work responsibilities;  COUNSELING PROGRAMS, dedicated to assisting those who have been witness to or a victim of domestic violence, rape or childhood trauma as well as women and couples having trouble coping with life's difficulties;  PARENTING CLASSES, designed for parents experiencing difficulties, attempts to teach parents how to love and nurture their children while using appropriate disciplinary action and problem solving skills;  CONNECTIONS PROGRAM, links families with the resources available to help them through temporary crises;  ADOPTION SUPPORT AND PRESERVATION, developed to meet the special needs and challenges of adoptive children and families

The Ridge, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Ridge is a private facility which provides inpatient psychiatric care for children, adolescents, and adults;  inpatient adult chemical dependency; adolescent, residential recovery center; outpatient, partial hospitalization for adolescents; intensive outpatient program in evenings for chemically dependent adolescents; adult outpatient program for both psychiatric and chemical dependency (groups).  Opportunities for students include psychosocial assessment, diagnoses,   groups, and being a part of a treatment team.

United Way of the Bluegrass, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

Experience tells us that the best way to help the most people is to focus on the underlying causes of the most serious problems. Here in Central Kentucky, United Way is focused on critical issues including education, financial stability, and health.  It unites people from across the community to work together to identify and address the issues that matter most, change conditions and improve lives. We examine community-level issues and develop solutions that will impact these problems.

Social work students will have the opportunity to participate at all levels of community-based problem solving and intervention.  Examples of the work include research, partnership development, grant writing, data analysis, as well as implementation of the developed strategies.  Students will also work in United Way’s 2-1-1 call center, an information and referral resource for the community that connects people in need to services that can help

Veterans Administration Medical Center, Lexington, KY


The social work internships will provide exposure to various aspects of services in a rotation model. An educational coordinator will assign the student and oversee the field placement activities. The student will work with social workers and interdisciplinary staff in these areas of the VAMC: Home Based Primary Care, Community Living Center, Outpatient Clinics, Polytrauma Clinic, Acute Care Hospital, Community Nursing Homes and Community Residential Care.

Volunteers of America, Homeless Veterans Transitional Treatment Program, Lexington, KY

MSW-Foundation & Concentration

The Volunteers of America Homeless Veterans Transitional Treatment Program is housed at the Veteran's Administration Hospital.  It is a state-licensed residential, non-medical/non-hospital based Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) abuse treatment program, with a transitional living component dedicated to male veterans who are homeless and have a substance abuse problem.  The veteran may reside at the program for up to two years in good standing.  The services offered, that the students will be experiencing, are psycho-social assessments, treatment plans, staff meetings, individual and group counseling; psycho-educational groups which include Recovery Dynamics, Relapse Prevention, Anger and Stress Management, Errors in Thinking, Spirituality, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  The curriculum is a Twelve-Step Based Recovery Model.

Wesley Village, Wilmore, KY


Located in the beautiful town of Wilmore, Wesley Village is a not-for-profit, faith-based, senior living community.  Wesley Villages offers a variety of living arrangements including independent patio homes, assisted living, nursing home care, and an Alzheimer's unit. 

Foundation year will provide a wide range of involvement with clients in a variety of settings.  Concentration year consists of visiting each patio home and updating their emergency contact information.  An assessment of their current status is an important part of this visit.  Opportunities also exist to develop a group or activity that the student feels skilled in.