Students Raise Awareness through Video Contest

Asia Bibi's husband and daughters
Asia Bibi's husband and daughters

A video created by two Asbury students, junior David and freshman Christina Kuo, has been named the winner of The Voice of the Martyrs’ “A Call for Mercy” contest.

The purpose of the contest was to raise awareness of the plight of Asia Bibi, a wife and mother in Pakistan who has been sentenced to death under her country’s blasphemy laws for her Christian testimony about Jesus. The “A Call for Mercy” campaign seeks to gather 1 million signatures from around the world on a petition for her release.

“I first heard about Asia Bibi's story almost a year ago from watching a news video from CNN on YouTube,” David said. “Later, I had forgotten about that story until about a week before we were leaving to move into Asbury. My sister, Christina, discovered a video contest regarding the petition to help free Asia Bibi. We were really moved by Asia's story and that combined with our passion for media, we knew we had to make the video.”

As winners of the contest, David and Christina will travel to Washington, D.C., later this semester to accompany Voice of the Martyrs staff members as they deliver the petition signatures to the Pakistani embassy.

Click here to watch the Kuos’ video and find out more about the “A Call for Mercy” campaign.

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