Recent graduates receive media awards

By Leah Riley, a senior, from Harrodsburg, Ky.

Ben Greenhoe, left, and Will Adams, right on the set of their music video.

WILMORE, KY—Roll out the red carpet. Several graduates from the media communications department received awards and special honors for their exceptional work while attending Asbury College.

Graduates Ben Greenhoe ’08 and Will Adams ’08 received a silver Communicator Award of Distinction and a Videographer Award of Distinction for their music video “ You Love Me Anyway.” Under the leadership of Greenhoe of Ada, Mich., and Adams of Valdosta, Ga., a group of 12 Asbury College students produced the video in the 2007 fall semester outside of their regular class work. The music video accompanies the song by Sidewalk Prophets, an emerging Christian band. They created a high-definition (HD) Christian music video, which premiered at the Highbridge Film Festival.

“There are few things more gratifying than watching a group of your peers get excited about a project that you lead,” Adams said. “Getting to lead that group of people has been one of the highlights of my college career.”

Graduate Tyler Hisel ’08 of Los Angeles, Calif., wrote and directed a short film titled “Favor.” At the 2007 Highbridge Film Festival, the film won Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Audio. Hisel received a silver Communicator Award of Distinction and a gold Hermes Creative Award. The Hermes Creative Award is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies.

The Amazing Grace Educational DVD received a silver Communicator Award of Excellence. Asbury College partnered with Bristol Bay Productions and Walden Media to produce an educational multimedia experience about William Wilberforce’s abolitionist life. Two Asbury College faculty and six media communications majors produced the Educational Resource DVD for the movie “Amazing Grace.”  The media rich project includes a number of original documentaries created by the Asbury team, such as the film trailer, exclusive movie clips, educational resources and other partner contributions.

Left to right, James Donaldson, Josh Taber, Ben Greenhoe, Dr. Devin Brown, Scott Rohrer, Prof. Greg Bandy, and Matt Hogencamp.



Students who worked on the project included Matt Hogencamp ’07, Cinematographer/Editor; Josh Taber ’07, Photographer/Editor; James Donaldson ’07, Designer; Ben Greenhoe ’08, DVD Programmer; Scott Rohrer ’07, Animations; and Chris Lawson ’07, Editor.

“Working with Walden Media on the Amazing Grace Educational DVD was a chance of a lifetime to work at such a high level while still in college, and to be awarded for this project is truly amazing,” Greenhoe said.

The 2008 Highbridge Film Festival DVD received the gold Communicator Award of Excellence. The Award of Excellence is given to those entries whose ability to communicate puts them among the best in the field.

“Working on this project with the team was a great experience, and winning the communicator award was the icing on the cake,” Greenhoe said.

The Highbridge Film Festival


The Communicator Awards honors creative excellence in video by seeking the best in Video/Film/Mutli-Media Productions, Broadcast Commercials and Programs, Cable Commercials/Programs and Television News and Promotions.

The Award of Distinction is presented for projects that exceed industry standards in quality and excellence. A Videographer Award of Distinction is an international awards program directed by communication professionals to honor talented individuals and companies in the video production field.

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