Professor publishes TV sports guide used by ESPN

WILMORE, KY—The fourth edition of Dr. Jim Owens’ book, Television Sports Production, was published in November and is now available in bookstores and on

Sports Television Production

Focal Press, the largest media publisher in the world, is publishing and marketing the book worldwide. ESPN has purchased 60 copies of the book and the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting division of the Beijing Olympic Committee has purchased 1,500.

“It’s the best information reference on television sports production that I have ever seen!” said Brian Douglas, head of production, host broadcaster for Salt Lake and Torino Olympics. “It is a book that really cuts to the essence of what television sports production is really about.”

Television Sports Production walks readers through the planning, set-up, directing, announcing and editing involved with producing an event. Detailed descriptions of mobile units/OB vans, cameras, audio equipment and lighting requirements enable the reader to produce live or taped coverage of sporting events like an expert. From camera placement in figure skating to where to put the microphone during a tennis match, readers learn about the special considerations involved with producing various types of sports.

“Quite simply, no one person knows more about how to teach sports television production than Jim Owens,” said Michael Silbergleid, editor of Television Broadcast Magazine. “With nine Olympic broadcasts under his belt, including the training of students that worked at six Olympics, Jim is unique in both his knowledge of professional television sports production and how to teach students the skills and techniques necessary for them to be a successful part of any sports production.”

Whether producing a local high school football game, the Super Bowl or something as complex as the Olympics, this book gives an inside look at how a remote production

Jim Owens

operates and the role of each participant.

“Jim Owens offers a unique perspective as an educator and an author,” said Dennis Baxter, two-time Emmy Award winner in audio for CBS Sports. “He explains the language of broadcast jargon and technical terms in simple language that draws the reader into the fascinating world of sports television. His unique access to television professionals has allowed him to compile an encyclopedia of relevant information.”

The Olympic committee published two of the previous editions. The third edition was published in Spanish by Spain’s Academy of Television and Film.

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