Math Professor Elected Chair of Math Association

Dr. Duk-Hyung Lee, associate professor of mathematics at Asbury University, has been elected chairman of the Kentucky chapter of the Mathematical Association of America.

Lee, who attended the chapter’s annual conference last weekend along with other faculty and students, is tasked with selecting a site for next year’s meeting, recruiting speakers, encouraging participation in the association among Kentucky schools and generally promoting math to students of all ages.

“Math is fun stuff,” Lee said. “How sad when I hear young people say, ‘I hate math.’ We have to be familiar and comfortable with numbers. You don’t need a degree, just a realization that the structure within you, society and nature is made by a mathematical person: God.”

At the conference, Lee presented research on the relationship between fractals, which are geometric shapes that can be reduced into parts that are, to some extent, reduced-size versions of the whole, and pop music.  The concept linking the two ideas is self-similarity, or the potential to comprehend an entire structure based on a small piece of it.

To better understand the relationship between math and music, Lee has been taking a music theory class and practicing his guitar; his presentation at the KYMAA conference included a demonstration of his skills.

“People say music is left-brained and math is right-brained, but our intelligence is not that compartmentalized,” he said.

Seven teams of students also presented papers based on their experiences in last month’s math modeling competition:

  • Laura Hochstetler, Catherine Kaminski, Nathaniel Winckler: “Repeaters: You could say that again!”
  • Joel Archer, Robert DiMartino, Alasdair Wooffitt: “Snowboard Halfpipe Shape Optimization”
  • Rebecca Gaul, Stephanie Lawrence, Zach Whelchel: “Turning over a new LEAF: A look at the economical and environmental impacts of electric cars”
  • Matias Von Bell, Laura Smith, Scott Brabon: “Repeaters, Repeaters, Repeaters”
  • Kara Wiltrout, BJ Pugh, Joe Thacker: “Long Distance Relationships”
  • Keri Eustis, George Lytle, Kaity Bradley: “What Goes Up Must Come Down”
  • William Rowe, Adam Ward and Aaron Hill: “Snowboarders Getting High….Legally”
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