Math modeling teams receive meritorious awards

WILMORE, KY—One cold weekend in February, teams of Asbury University mathematics students burned the midnight oil trying to locate where a serial killer might strike next, sought answers to the Pacific Ocean garbage problem, and looked for the sweet spot in baseball bats. These students weren't working for the FBI, EPA or even Barry Bonds—they were competing in the annual Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) math modeling competition.

Math modeling teams after the competition in February.
Math modeling teams after the competition in February.

Now, several weeks later, they celebrate success after placing in the top "Meritorious" position the COMAP math modeling competition. COMAP is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve mathematics education by applying mathematics to real world issues. From February 18-22, four Asbury University teams participated in the annual (COMAP) math modeling competition, and one group participated in the interdisciplinary competition. Three teams of the teams earned “meritorious” standing or the top 19 percent of more than 2,000 teams from around the world and one scored honorable mention or the top 24 percent. The team competing in the interdisciplinary competition also earned honorable mention.

Asbury University has been competing in COMAP math modeling competition since 1987. This is the first year the Mathematics Department has had three teams place in the top "meritorious" position. For the COMAP mathematics competition, teams choose from two problems. Two of Asbury's teams tried to explain the "sweet spot" of a baseball bat while two other teams chose to develop new methods for police departments to determine profiles for serial criminals. The interdisciplinary team focused on the problem of plastic waste in the oceans.

Please congratulate these students:

MCM meritorious:  Val Dodd, George Lytle, Matias Von Bell
MCM meritorious:  Joe Thacker, Keri Eustis, BJ Pugh
MCM meritorious:  Stephanie Lawrence, Kara Wiltrout, John Elgin
MCM honorable mention:  Adam Ward, Will Rowe, Rob DiMartino
ICM honorable mention:  Ben Clapp, Joe Purcell, Laura Hochstetler

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