Asbury Prof to Interview on Radio Program

David Wheeler, an Asbury University assistant professor of journalism, will be a guest on Wednesday’s 9 a.m. radio show “Q with Jian Ghomeshi,” an arts-and-culture program broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The interview was prompted by an article Wheeler wrote that appeared on The Atlantic magazine’s Web site titled, “Signing Off: The Slow Death of the Signature in PIN-Code World.” One of the top three stories on The Atlantic’s homepage last week, the article was born out of a frustration with the electronic signature capture pads at retail checkout counters.

“The more I investigated, the more I learned that these devices are practically useless,” Wheeler said. “I interviewed forensic handwriting analysts and found that they often cannot use these devices to determine whether a signature is real or a fraud. Most of the industrialized world uses PIN codes, and the U.S. needs to do the same.”

The program is also broadcast in the United States on Public Radio International and Sirius XM satellite radio. The podcast of the program will be available beginning Thursday.

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