Jym Jamboree, April 20-21

Tumbling Team

WILMORE, KY—For the last 42 years, the Asbury College Tumbling Team has been jumping, flipping and vaulting through the air to spread the Word of God. The 2007 spring tour culminates with two “Jym Jamboree” performances April 20-21 at the Luce Center on Asbury College’s campus. Both shows begin at 7:30 p.m.

This unique ministry uses a combination of gymnastics, acrobatic stunts and mini-tramp work to witness for Christ. During spring break, the team performs for schools, churches and other community groups.

The team includes Robert Bryan ’10, Andrew Crisologo ’10, Laura Grass ’10, Cassandra Haggard ’07, David Hancock ’07, William Ryan Jacobi ’08, Kara Laufenburger ’10, Stephen Lawson ’07, Beth Michael ’08, Christy Perkins ’07, Shelly Reeves ’08, Thaddeus Salmon ’07, Amanda Sims ’10, Samantha Stearns ’10, Miriam Stone ’09, Carrie Strang ’10, Rachel Wellons ’10, Kendra White ’09 and Kendra Woller ’10.

Perkins joined the team last year because she wasn’t looking forward to taking any of the other gym courses, but she found more than a gym credit—she found a ministry. “ I love being able to go perform for children and seeing their faces light up,” she said. “I love hearing them laugh at the clowns. It lets us know that we made an impact. Even if we never actually say the word ‘Jesus’ to them, they can see His love shining through us, and it is not an experience they will soon forget.”

Perkins didn’t have much tumbling experience before she joined the team, but she still has her place. “I may not be able to do a back handspring, back tuck tumbling pass, but I make a really good back spot,” she said. “Don’t let fear of inability stop you from joining.”

Hancock also enjoys entertaining the children who attend the shows. “Children need to see joy and abundant life, and when a group of college students comes to their school to show them a good time and then express genuine interest in their lives, children smile.”

He wasn’t able to play intercollegiate sports this year because of scheduling conflicts so Hancock joined the Tumbling Team. “Without question, the people on the team have been the highlight of my experience,” he said. “We are a family, even more, I think, than any other sports team at the college. We train together, pray together, eat together, fall and catch one another, travel thousands of miles and throw hundreds of flips all together.”

For more information on the Tumbling Team, contact Ken Pickerill or visit http://www.asbury.edu/academics/departments/hper/tumbling-team.

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