Majors & Minors in Education


Elementary School Grades P-5
Middle School Grades 5-9

Elementary Education P-5 (see Adult Professional Studies Program)


P-12 Education and Secondary Education 8-12  (majors housed in other departments)

      Art Grades P-12
      Biological Science Grades 8-12
      Chemistry Grades 8-12
      English Grades 8-12
      French Grades P-12
      Health Education & Physical Education Grades P-12
      Latin Education P-12
      Mathematics Grades 8-12
      Music Education P-12
      Social Studies Grades 8-12
      Spanish Grades P-12

Dual certification available as second and third major:

LBD P-12 Dual Certification (only with Elementary, Middle School or P-12 Education Major)
MSD P-12 Dual Certification (only with LBD Certification - contact School of Education for details)


Pre-Education (for the associate degree)