Education Programs

Following are the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science teacher preparation programs available at Asbury University:


* Elementary Education Grades P-5 (choose one emphasis area)
* Emphasis areas include: English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Fine Arts, World Language, Cross-Cultural Studies, English as a Second Language (may get an endorsement) and Special Education P-12 (may add on certification)

Click here to check out the Adult Professional Studies (APS) degree completion program in Elementary Education.

Middle School Grades 5-9 (must choose two of the following areas)

* English and Communication Grades 5-9
* Mathematics Grades 5-9
* Science Grades 5-9
* Social Studies Grades 5-9
* Special Education Grades P-12

Secondary Education Grades 8-12

* Biology Grades 8-1
* Chemistry Grades 8-12
* English Grades 8-12
* Mathematics Grades 8-12
* Psychology Grades 8-12
* Social Studies Grades 8-12
* (May add Special Education Grades 8-12 endorsement to any secondary area)

P-12 (All grades)

* Art Education P-12
* Music Education P-12
* Health and Physical Education P-12 (dual certificate)
* French Education P-12
* Spanish Education P-12
* Special Education P-12
* English as a Second Language P-12 (endorsement)