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The mission of the King Curriculum Lab is to “provide resources and services to facilitate the preparation of professional educators at the undergraduate and the graduate levels”. In order to fulfill this mission, the Lab has over 8,000 resources. Textbooks, curriculum guides, and educational journals in a number of subjects and from a variety of publishers aid in lesson planning, abstracts, reports, and other projects. Manipulatives and science equipment are available for the teacher-in-training to use in teaching concepts and skills. The Lab also houses a collection of literature for children and adolescents. All of these resources may be checked out and there is an in-house computer catalog for use in searching for particular items or subjects.

Ellison shape and letter cutting dies and machines as well as markers, glue, and other art supplies are available for in-lab use. Construction paper, cardstock, bulletin board paper, trims, poster board, index cards, sentence strips, and other items may be purchased in the Lab. Laminating and both comb and coil binding provide finishing and professional touches to special projects. These resources attract students and faculty from other college departments as well as individuals from the community to the Lab. Of particular interest to graduate students, various testing materials for use in their Performance and Assessments course are housed in the Lab.

The Education Lab also provides technology equipment including video cameras, digital cameras, tripods, computer suites with scanners and printers, CD and cassette players, and software in a variety of disciplines. An adjacent high-tech classroom allows students to practice with a video projector, ELMO, and Smartboard.

In addition, the King Curriculum Lab has a website full of resources for Education professors and candidates.  This site provides access to numerous online Education resources.  It contains lists of titles and locations of the lab’s curriculum materials and children’s literature by content area.  The resources are categorized into the following topics:  online databases, books by content area, websites by content area, streaming videos, technology, assessments, and certification/Praxis.

The Lab provides areas to work with children and to study as well.  It contains a Children's area with children's books, stuffed animals, table, chairs, and a Narnia mural.  The mural contains a scene, character, or symbol from each of C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia books.  A cubicle area offers students a private place to study individually or in groups.

Extended hours (until 11 pm weeknights), student workers, and a full-time director all contribute to make the Lab more accessible and useful. An inviting, attractive atmosphere makes the Lab a great place to work and study.

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