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"Facilitators of Student Success"

The School of Education of Asbury University is one of four schools given the responsibility of administrating the university's instructional program and overseeing the preparation of teachers. An integral facet of Asbury's teacher training is the preparation of teachers in a Christian context for service in a variety of educational settings. The vision of the teacher preparation program is to provide a strong academic program within a supportive and nurturing environment to prepare quality educators for our nation's schools.

In the School of Education, both undergraduate and graduate programs are offered. Asbury University inspires each candidate to develop “Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality.” The undergraduate Education School couples this with the mission to prepare educators with a heart to be, “Facilitators of Student Success.” With these initiatives each teacher candidate further develops his/her desire to teach and views teaching as a "calling" on one's life.

The Graduate Education Program combines the Asbury University mission with the school initiative to produce educators who are “Facilitators of Student Success and Professional Community.” By design, Asbury's Graduate Education Program is built on a foundation of a long history of innovative preparation with personal attention from faculty committed to helping candidates accomplish their goals.

The courses of study are designed to achieve specific outcomes as designated by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. For the undergraduate programs, candidates respond to the expectations found in the New Teacher Standards. Within the graduate program, candidates' preparation is aligned to the Experienced Teacher Standards. In all program areas, the courses of study enable future educators to address contemporary educational issues and experience authentic educational opportunities for developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions for teaching.

Within the undergraduate teacher preparation program, students may obtain a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree with provisional certification in Elementary Grades P-5, Middle School Education Grades 5-9 (English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Special Education), Secondary Grades 8-12 (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Biological Science, and Physical Science) or Grades P-12 (French, Spanish, Music, Art, Health, and Physical Education, Special Education, and ESL Endorsement.)

The graduate program offers Masters of Arts degrees for additional licensure in the following areas: Reading and Writing, P-12 Endorsement; English as a Second Language, P-12 Endorsement; English as a Second Language P-12 Restricted Base Certificate; Special Education: Learning & Behavior Disorders, P-12; and Special Education: Learning & Behavior Disorders, 8-12 Endorsement.

In addition, the graduate program offers alternative certification through a Master of Arts degree for those who have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking licensure to teach. Alternative certification areas are: Secondary Education (Biology 8-12, Chemistry 8-12, Mathematics 8-12, English 8-12, Social Studies 8-12); and P-12 certification areas in Foreign Language P-12 (French, Latin, Spanish); Special Education: Learning & Behavior Disorders P-12; Special Education: Learning & Behavior Disorders 8-12 endorsement; and English as a Second Language P-12.