Teacher as Leader Endorsement

For more than a century, Asbury College offered a nationally recognized undergraduate program. Now, Asbury University continues to provide that same acknowledged quality of preparation through the Teacher as Leader Endorsement. This allows us to prepare educators to be facilitators of student success and communicators who can meet growing demands in the classroom, school or district.

Program Description

The graduate education program in "Teacher as Leader" qualifies credentialed teachers to complete requirements for a Master of Arts degree in developing skills to serve as leaders for today's schools striving for excellence. An exciting aspect of this new program is our partnership with P-12 educators who will assist in program delivery providing a high level of authenticity to our preparation of highly qualified leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a Teacher Leader?
Teacher leaders are educators who use their expertise to improve student learning by working inside and outside the classroom in formal and informal ways to augment the professional skills of colleagues, to strengthen the culture of the school, and to improve the quality of instruction.

What will this endorsement enable me to do?
In order to achieve the goal of every student proficient and prepared for success, school leaders have begun to implement instructional leadership teams. A teacher leader endorsement will enable an individual to serve in a consultant's role prepared to assume various leadership roles within the school, district, or state.

Will this endorsement help me become a school principal?
This preparation will focus on instructional leadership with an emphasis on coaching colleagues, building and leading small learning communities, and improving instruction. Additional courses will be required to complete principal licensure. Check out our new Rank I Principal Licensure Program, beginning Fall 2011!

Will I be able to earn Rank I through this program?
Yes. If you have already completed a master's degree, you may enroll in this program and the hours will count toward a Rank I certification.

Will there be field experience?
Within each course, there will be a required field study designated as a module to be completed in a classroom, school or district setting. Each field component will be focused on work within authentic leadership settings such as engaging in small learning communities, participating in school improvement planning, conducting action research, or using various teaching strategies and gathering data on effectiveness of the strategies. A mentor from Asbury University and a mentor from the school or district will work as co-mentors with candidates to offer support, guidance, and expertise in the specific area of study.

What are the general requirements for the Teacher as Leader Endorsement?

  • Online Application
  • Completed undergraduate degree
  • Official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate work sent directly to the Admissions Coordinator in the Graduate Education Office of Asbury University
  • Minimum of 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Copy of teaching certificate
  • Character & Fitness Form
  • Three professional references submitted on the form provided: one employer, one professor, one personal

Do I have to take an exam for admission?
Your completed Praxis scores for obtaining your teaching certification are sufficient.

What is the application deadline for enrolling?
The deadline for applications is two weeks before the start of classes.

Is financial aid available?
Yes. Students must submit a FAFSA to determine what federal aid for which they may qualify. In addition, some grants and loan forgiveness programs may be available depending on your selected program of study. See the financial information sheets for more details or contact the Financial Aid Office at 859-858-3511, ext. 2195.

Additional questions? Contact Barbara Kennedy or Abbie Gibitz.