Quality Performance Index (QPI)

In September 2003, the QPI was adopted as part of the Kentucky Educator Preparation Program Report Card by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. The QPI provides an indicator of a specific Kentucky educator preparation program’s overall performance through a calculation that includes three separate performance measures: (1) annual summary PRAXIS II pass rate, (2) the overall mean score on the KEPP new teacher survey and, (3) the KTIP pass rate (three-year average).

The QPI is based on the standard formula used by almost all colleges and universities and is based on a 4.0 scale similar to grade point average (GPA).

Quality Performance Index
An institution's QPI includes three performance measures:

  1. annual summary PRAXIS II pass rate,
  2. the KTIP pass rate (three-year average), and
  3. the overall mean score on the KEPP new teacher survey

Rankings for the QPI are as follows:

  • 4.00 - 3.50 Excellent Performance
  • 3.49 - 3.00 Satisfactory Performance
  • 2.99 - 2.75 At Risk of Low Performance
  • Below 2.75 Low Performance

QPI scores are based upon the previous scoring criteria. The following QPI scores are noted for Asbury University's Education Department. To view the comparisons of Asbury to the other Kentucky institutions, please download the following PDFs.

2002-2003 QPI of 3.86

2003-2004 QPI of 3.59

2004-2005 QPI of 3.68

2005-2006 QPI of 3.88