Performance Assessment System

In the era of accountability the use of standards as benchmarks, creation of performance events as measures of evidence-based knowledge, and the design of assessment systems emerge as mechanisms for assuring goals of quality for educator preparation. By intentional design, assessment systems provide for the selection of significant types of measures, the collection of systematic information, the aggregation of data for anticipating trends and patterns, the analysis of data results incorporating contextual factors, and the creation of action plans for the refinement of curricula, policies, and programs. By using a systematic approach to assure quality preparation, the assessment process responds to other concerns in addition to compliance issues of a particular regulation or policy.

The Performance Assessment System is the mechanism of providing continuous monitoring of the unit, candidates, and programs. As part of the assessment process the unit documents the progress of the candidate throughout the professional development process, identifying specific candidate needs and prescribing interventions, and insuring the competencies or standards identified for competent teaching (i.e., proficiency in teacher standards, successful completion of the Praxis, and the attainment of teacher certification). Throughout the process of continuous assessment, multiple measures are designed to particularly accommodate the diversity of learners through fair, flexible, and creative evaluation.

An established set of criteria at each evaluation juncture or GATE creates the opportunity for monitoring the student programmatically and for self-correcting individually. To document the continuous assessment process, a gating procedure has been developed. The purpose of the gating procedure is to provide checkpoints with interviews and portfolio reviews to evaluate the candidate's progress to assure professional development. The following PDFs show the gating process for the Undergraduate and Graduate programs.

Undergraduate Assessment


For reviewing the Continuous Assessment for
the Undergraduate Program please download this PDF



Grad Continuous Assessment


For reviewing the Continuous Assessment for the
Graduate Program please download this PDF.


For reviewing the entire performance assessment system for the unit please refer to the Continuous Performance Assessment System PDF.