Graduate Education Committee

The Graduate Education Committee is part of the overall education department committee structure system. The Asbury Universtiy committee structure reveals the relationship of the Graduate Education Committee (GEC) to the larger structure. For more information please down load the GEC Governance Structure PDF and the GEC Governance Policy PDF.

The membership of the Graduate Education Committee is comprised of the Director of Graduate Programs, one faculty member from each discipline offering a certification area, chair from each discipline offering certification, two public school personnel (one teacher and one administrator), one graduate student from each discipline offering certification and the Curriculum Consultant (Associate Academic Dean & Registrar).

The responsibilities of the Graduate Education Committee are threefold as follows:
• Curriculum development and approval
• Policy and procedure development and approval
• Candidate admission and exit

The GEC meets a minimum of one time per semester, but most typically meets twice per semester concurrently with the continuous assessment performance review process (Gates 5 & 6).

Curriculum approved by the Graduate Education Committee is referred to the Asbury University Academic Policies Committee for approval. Subsequently, the approved materials are submitted to the Faculty Assembly for their final approval.