Senior completes internship with Concerned Women for America

Sarah McQueen at her internship in DC.

WILMORE, KY—Senior Sarah McQueen of New Brighton, Penn., is completing an internship with Concerned Women for America in Washington, D.C. The communications major spends her days researching and writing articles for

“I have felt like a very viable part of the organization since the very first week,”  The internship at CWA has helped broaden McQueen’s horizons. She sat in the Supreme Court when Justice Scalia upheld the Second Amendment by ending the gun ban in Washington, D.C. She has also attended press conferences and scholarly discussions at the National Press Club and The Heritage Foundation.

Through her internships she has developed a better knowledge of the many political and social issues that face the country and the world. “I have learned so much that it is almost overwhelming,” she said. “I have come to realize that I was pretty apathetic about politics and public policy before this internship. But coming here has made me see that as Christians we don’t all need to be politicians, but we do need to at least be aware of the issues that are affecting our nation and act upon them.”

McQueen worked under Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, director and senior fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute under CWA. Crouse is also an Asbury College alumna and former

Sarah McQueen, interns and Senator Bachus

faculty member. “She was absolutely wonderful to work under and taught me a lot about being a business professional woman and a strong Christian influence.”

McQueen’s communications classes and professors helped prepare her for the job and life in D.C. “The classes at Asbury have challenged me to write on various topics and the professors have given good feedback that has proven to strengthen my writing skills, which has helped greatly this summer.” She is also more comfortable in a variety of different situations. “On any given day in D.C. one could have interactions with everyone from VPs of organizations, Congressmen, and various other interns—not to mention the hundreds of extra people that are riding the metro.”

For her final year at the College and after, McQueen feels better prepared for the future. “This internship experience has helped me realize more of what life could potentially be like after Asbury. I think the plans that I make in the coming year, whether that be job hunting or grad school searching, will be better directed because of my time here.”

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