Asbury Staff and Students Create Lewis Documentary

Asbury University’s Lewis Scholar Dr. Devin Brown and Media Communication Professor Greg Bandy have been busy for six months, working on a new documentary, “C. S. Lewis: Why He Matters Today.”

The documentary focuses on three key worldview themes that Lewis communicated so well:

  1. Reclaiming Christian Reason
  2. Rediscovering Christian Imagination
  3. Restoring a Christian Vision of Humanity (our eternal significance)

The documentary is divided into five segments that can be shown in a variety of teaching settings, and each segment only runs 3-5 minutes. 

“We have some great insights from keen minds like Chuck Colson, Tim and Kathy Keller, Doug Gresham and Eric Metaxas, to name a few,” says Bandy. “Chuck Colson probably started my inspiration on this more than 30 years ago as a grad student when I read in his book, ‘Born Again’ that Lewis’ ‘Mere Christianity’ had helped lead him to his conversion.

“We have some great scholars, writers and creative leaders weighing in on this piece. I think a broad audience will find it engaging.”

The documentary can be found on Grace Hill Media created the site to provide teaching materials and, of course, some movie magic, to church leaders. All of the online materials are free.  

“Our goal in assisting Grace Hill Media is to help people celebrate the legacy of great writing that Lewis left us,” says Bandy. “We also encouraged Grace Hill to get people to put together a Narnia Night (as we do at Asbury University) to bring attention to Lewis' treasure of writings.

“As the excitement mounts about the release of ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ this month, we want to remind people why Lewis wrote these terrific books, whether it was delightful children's books or apologetic masterpieces.”

A DVD of the documentary will be released after the first of the year.

To view the documentary, please go to…


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