College adds worship arts major, fall 2009

By Leah Riley, a senior from Harrodsburg, Ky.
WILMORE, KY—Asbury College has approved the addition of a worship arts major beginning fall 2009. The proposal for the new program came from the Department of Christian Ministries, with significant input from Dr. Jon Roller, instructor of music, and the encouragement of Dr. Jon Kulaga, provost.
“This major will resource the leaders of tomorrow, and the program will be at the forefront of equipping worship arts leaders in the church,” said Dr. Clair Budd, chair of the department.

The addition of worship arts came at the response to student interest. According to the college’s admissions office, worship arts is one of the most sought after majors from prospective students that Asbury does not offer. Also, leaders in today’s contemporary churches have found a great need for backgrounds in music, Christian ministry, media, and drama. The new major has foundations in Christian ministry, including theological understandings of church and worship, but the interdisciplinary character of the major also draws on courses from several other departments.
Many of the essential courses for this major are already offered, and core classes will include visual arts/media, drama and music. Students in the major will choose one of those three areas as an emphasis. The college plans to add nine new courses to complete the major. Interested students will need to complete a voice or instrumental audition for acceptance into the program. A required internship will also be incorporated into the major.
“The major is such a unique opportunity in that the college has immense resources available in the surrounding area ranging from Ichthus Ministries to contacts in Nashville. Our Chapel services offer a special experience for these students to use their gifts in practical ways,” Dr. Roller said. Chapel will serve as a practicum for worship arts students.
For more information on the worship arts program at Asbury College, contact
Dr. Jon Roller or Dr. Clair Budd.

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