Lynn Shmidt

Associate Professor
HU 133
(859) 858-3511 ext. 2341

Dr. Lynn Shmidt is a missiology academic and a mission practioner.  He and his family were in southern Africa for 18 years working among tribal people in Botswana and South Africa.  Dr. Shmidt served in numerous leadership roles for planting churches, empowering and training church leaders and pastors, and as superintendent for the mission district in Botswana.

Before turning toward teaching, Dr. Shmidt earned two degrees from Asbury Theological Seminary, M.A. and D.Miss.  His focus in studies was contextual theology and intercultural discipleship. His ongoing research interest has been on responding to syncretism in the church.

Coming to Asbury University in 2008, Dr. Shmidt has demonstrated his commitment to mission by spending time mentoring students as they prepare for cross-cultural ministry, working towards stengthening the Asbury mission academic program and the internship process. 

For fun, he spends time in his wood working shop, playing golf, playing with grandbabies, and enjoying ministry in his local church.

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