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Ph.D. Marquette University, 1987 (Historical Theology)
M.Div. Asbury Theological Seminary, 1979 (Church History)
A.B. Bloomfield College, 1975 (History)


Professor of Bible and Theology, Asbury University, 1985 - present

Adjunct Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1984-85; Spring 2009


  • Foundations of Christian Thought
  • History of the Early Church
  • Historical Theology
  • Understanding the New Testament
  • Growth of the New Testament Church
  • Galatians and Romans


  • Synoptic Gospels
  • Prison Epistles
  • Hebrews and General Epistles
  • Writings of Paul
  • New Testament and End Times
  • History of Christianity I -- Patristic and Medieval Periods (ATS)
  • Nicene / Post-Nicene Fathers (ATS)


1. Books

Sacraments and the Salvation Army: Pneumatological Foundations. Studies in Evangelicalism 10. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1990.

Salvationist Samurai: Gunpei Yamamuro and the Rise of the Salvation Army In Japan. Pietist and Wesleyan Studies Series. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 1997.

Sanctified Sanity: The Life and Teaching of Samuel Logan Brengle. Alexandria, Va.: Crest Publications, 2003. Repr. 2009.

Sanctified Sanity: The Life and Teaching of Samuel Logan Brengle. Revised and Expanded Edition. Wilmore, KY: Francis Asbury Society, 2014.

2. Chapters in Books

“Holy Love and the Relevance of Wesleyan Spirituality to the Academic Task.”  Cornerstones of Spiritual Vitality: Toward an Understanding of Wesleyan Spirituality in Christian Higher Education (262-78). Wilmore, KY: Asbury College, 2009.

"Transitions in Salvation Army Holiness Theology: A Historical Assessment." Saved, Sanctified, and Serving: Perspectives on Salvation Army Theology and Practice.  London: Paternoster Press, forthcoming.

3. Articles

3.1  Scholarly Journal Publications

"The Sacramental Theology of Jonathan Edwards in the Context of Controversy." Fides et Historia 21 (1989): 50-60.

"Pannenberg's Quest for the Proleptic Jesus." Asbury Theological Journal 44 (1989): 51-76.

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3.2  Encyclopedia Articles

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3.3 Institutional and Denominational Publications

"The Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition." Asbury College Ambassador 16:3 (Summer 1989), insert.

"True Greatness: The Way Up is Down." The Edge 2:3 (February 1991): 10-11.

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“The Last Supper,” The War Cry (The Salvation Army, USA) 133:3 (March 2013): 14-15.

4. Book Reviews

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  • American Academy of Religion
  • Conference on Faith and History
  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Wesleyan Theological Society


Theology referee for Christian Scholar's Review and Church History journal.  Wesleyan Holiness Studies Project (1987-1994).  Participant at Evangelical/Catholic Dialogue, St. Thomas University, St. Paul, MN – October 17-18, 2003.  Lilly Scholar, Asbury College Transformations Project (Fall 2005-Spring 2007). Wesleyan Holiness Studies Project Scholar since 2007.  Asbury Seminary Wesleyan Studies Summer Seminar research resource faculty since 2010.  Coordinator of  biennial Wesleyan Heritage Conferences at Asbury University 2001-2014.   Advisory Board for Holiness Studies Center, The Salvation Army Florida Division (2012 - present).  Church Missionary Society Digital Research Project Editorial Board, 2014-present.