Sport Management Major

Do you envision yourself working in a sports-related career but not sure of a specific area of service? Perhaps you could ultimately find yourself working at a:

  • middle school, high school, or college athletic program
  • faith-based agency such as a YM or YWCA or church
  • national sport oversight association, or
  • professional sports team.

If you were to settle into one of these venues then just as importantly would be the day-to-day operation area you might choose. Examples could include: the administration of coaches and athletes, oversight of budget and student athlete eligibility, marketing and public relations, contract negotiation, and facility management. Our Sport Management major seeks to assist you in your preparation for such skills.

The competitive market of sports has become a significant part of life. Job opportunities appear to be available in many world markets wherever competitive sports exist. The Occupational Outlook Handbook (2010-11 edition) states that employment opportunities associated with sports is expected to grow “much faster than the average” (23%) over the next six years.

We encourage you to visit us at Asbury, meet our current students, sit in on classes, meet professors, then seek to finalize your search for an educational institution and a major to which you believe you are being led by God!