The Adult Professional Studies (APS) Program

The Online Degree Completion Program

The Asbury University Business, Economics, and Political Science Department is privileged to be part of Asbury University's online degree completion program housed in the our Adult Professional Studies department. The online program is designed for busy adults to achieve their university degree.

The online degree completion program is a non-traditional accelerated program designed to provide adults with an opportunity to complete a university degree and earn an online Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

The online degree completion program is designed for busy adults who already have some college already completed. In this accelerated format adult students attend online classes on a year-round basis. This online program is designed to bring a new level of management skills and increased ethical values to those desiring to make a difference in their work, church and world.

View Course Descriptions and Sequences for the online Bachelor of Science Business degree.

For more information on the online degree completion program, see the APS Program website.