Steve Dawson

Assistant Professor
MO 411
(859) 858-3511 ext. 2391

My professional background includes a wide variety of agency settings and diverse client populations, including inpatient, outpatient, community agency, school and in-home services. I have worked at a mental hospital, abuse clinic, hospice, mood disorder clinic, schools, private practice, outpatient psychiatry clinic, and on trauma response teams. I have an MSW and an M.Div and have taught at Asbury University since 1999. Publications include having co-authored (3) books for professionals working in the field of bereavement (Adventure in the Land of Grief, Death of the Forest Queen, and Jack's Journey.)  Courses taught include; Intro to SW, Human Behavior & the Social Environment, Contemporary Issues & Ethics in SW, Social Services for Children & Families, SW Practice Theory, Spiritual Formation & SW, Intro to Research Methods, and Field Practicum.  I teach because of an enthusiasm for learning and the joy of being part of a team working with students who have a passion to serve others.  Other interests include faith, family, friends, reading, sports, and wilderness canoeing.

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