Behavioral Sciences Department

The Department of Behavioral Sciences provides students the opportunity to major or minor in Psychology and Social Work. Our programs prepare students for a variety of vocational and academic pathways in fields of practice that assist individuals, organizations, and communities to resolve personal and social problems. Whether continuing on to graduate work in their respective field or not, our grads move on to fields such as: institutional research, university education, counseling, mental health, social welfare/human services agencies, criminal justice, community development, health care, public schools, child protective services, ministry, missionary service, law, government, human resources, industry, disaster relief, military social welfare, and aging to name a few.


Matt and Dad

The Psychology program attempts to present all aspects of psychology and our seniors recently finished at the 95th percentile on a nationally standardized exam of psychology knowledge. Our approach is varied and the training of our faculty is broad. Study human development from infancy to maturity; learn how to conduct research and perform experiments; study the literature, history, and different schools of thought in psychology - our students do all of this and more. Counseling is also a major emphasis of the Asbury University Psychology program, with some of our faculty members being licensed counseling psychologists. Click here for a faculty listing.

Social Work

Steve Dawson

Social Work is primarily the application of theory and knowledge in working with individuals, families, small groups, organizations, and communities to enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating favorable societal conditions.

Our Social Work students prepare for careers in areas such as personality functioning and counseling, economics, law, research, political science, history, anthropology, sociology, personal finances, religion, organizational behavior, leadership theory, and administration. We believe that Social Work is both an art and a science. Knowledge comes from classroom study and observation in Social Work agencies. The art of Social Work comes from practice in social agencies, learning skills in helping clients increase their social functioning.

Students earning a B.A. in Social Work may also receive advance standing into our new Master of Social Work program. For more information on the BSW program, email Lisa Clifton.


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