Art major raises $34,000 for homeless

By Leah Riley, a senior from Harrodsburg, Ky.

zeltman2.1.jpgWILMORE, KY – Senior art major Josh Zeltman, recently collaborated with Southland Christian Church of Lexington to create five 4x9-foot oil paintings during their worship services. He painted during each worship service, and after each service was over, the church held a silent auction for the painting. The paintings raised about $34,000 and the funds were directed toward helping homeless people in Lexington. Kyle Key, a recent graduate of Asbury College, is the art director for Southland and contacted Zeltman for the project.

Dr. Linda Stratford, chair of the Art Department identifies Zeltman as a painter in large format. “He has had traditional, classical training and is now focusing on abstract painting. He is a very self-disciplined painter, who spends many hours outside of the classroom working on his art.”

Zeltman was very encouraged by the work he did with Southland. “I have decided that I am going to do something similar with the sale of my paintings. I think that any painting I sell, I am going to give portions of the proceeds directly to helping homeless people wherever I am.”

His art major emphasis is painting. When asked what he plans do when he graduates, he said, “I plan to continually experiment with different mediums. I plan to follow the Lord wherever He leads, and right now I feel like that is going to be doing studio art, and being an artist.”

Over the summer, Zeltman also completed a series of abstract paintings titled, “Pentecost and Work of the Holy Spirit.” These paintings will be shown at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Lexington this spring.

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