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Greetings JCTC students!

AU and JCTC have joined efforts to create a unique partnership designed to help students who want to become elementary school teachers! Asbury University is your next stop after you complete your associate’s degree. Elementary education is our specialty! We take great care of our students and our teacher education students are highly sought after by elementary school principals. Please see the information below. Remember, a great transfer experience starts NOW!

Don’t settle for average when you can have an Advantage!

When you are ready to transfer, don’t settle for an average program. What you need is a program that provides the depth of understanding and preparation necessary to equip you for a competitive elementary school job market. You can’t afford average. You need a program that will make you stand out! So, why Asbury…

Transfer Advantage Transfer Made Easy Transfer Made Affordable
Complete your Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education ENTIRELY ONLINE. Complete your degree at a University with a great reputation in KY’s public and private schools. Complete your degree at a school from which KY Principals want teachers! Whether you are in your first or last semester at JCTC, we will start meeting with you the moment you indicate your interest in being an Asbury student. Our goal is to walk side-by-side with you and to create a plan that works for you. We want to meet with you face-to-face. We will come to you! Asbury offers $1200 and $600 transfer scholarships for qualifying students! These scholarships are in addition to any other financial aid a student qualifies for. We will also assist students in applying for other funding sources for teacher educators.

Here is your next step! Complete the information form below and we will schedule a time to meet with you around your schedule. We will come to you!

Jefferson Community & Technical College Partnership Information Form