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Why Digital Storytelling?

The concept of story is known to be very potent when carefully created and applied to business, ministry, journalism, and other situations. Without a solid and compelling story, powerful production elements mean nothing, because your audience isn’t engaged or invested in your message. As a producer of stories, you want to influence, inspire, inform, engage, and move audiences. American literary scholar, Jonathan Gottschall, claims we are “the Storytelling Animal.” That’s because we storify everything around us: our adventures, sorrows, conflicts, dreams, and failures. Story, as a tool, works well in most contexts because everyone loves a good story. That’s why it is often used to influence social behavior and draw people together.

Why Asbury University’s Digital Storytelling Program?

The Digital Storytelling program is not about just producing stories. We teach students how to make stories compelling, mesmerizing, and memorable. Students master the art of storytelling through a variety of lenses, from cinematography to lighting to editing, weaving through the different production elements to create a visual and auditory tapestry that will captivate their audiences.

Our online program is uniquely faith-based, encourages collaboration between students, and provides students with powerful feedback from peers, faculty, and industry professionals, helping them to build a phenomenal portfolio to showcase their talents. Students will have exposure to industry expert guest speakers and project leaders, and have access to unique opportunities like media apprenticeships. Graduates of the program will leave with a mastery of the storytelling process, from conception through post-production, and the ability to make a strong impact in the areas of television, film, ministry, church media and journalism.

Intrigued? Navigate to our course schedule page to peruse our course offerings and see what a sample course schedule might look like for you. Our frequently asked questions page answers the most commonly asked questions, or you can contact us directly or by e-mailing us at Ready to apply? Begin the application process.

If you are interested in a terminal degree, be sure to check out our MFA in Screenwriting and MFA in TV/Film Production.