CCE 073 Requirements – Pre-Fall 2020 – Asbury University
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Pre-Fall 2020 – CCE073

Students enrolled at Asbury University prior to Fall 2020 will complete CCE073.  (Students enrolled Fall 2020 and beyond will complete CCE150, which includes different requirements. Please refer to those specific guidelines.)  The steps for completion of CCE073 are as follows:

  1. Attend CCE Orientation
  2. Submit Proposal form for approval of your intended Cultural Immersion Experience.  All trips MUST be pre-approved BEFORE participating.
  3. Complete Pre-Assignment Assessment.
  4. Participate in your approved Cultural Immersion Experience.
  5. Complete the Abroad/Stateside assignments in Discovery.

See below for detailed information.

CCE073 Abroad and Stateside Assignment details:

STEP 1: Orientation Session

Sign-up for one of the scheduled Orientation Sessions. You only need to attend this once. During this session we will review the CCE assignments and discuss the Cultural Analysis Toolkit. Once you are registered for an Orientation Session, you will also be enrolled in “CCE Assignments” on Discovery. Through Discovery you will be able to access and submit all of your assignments. You may register for a CCE Orientation session here.

STEP 2: CCE 073 Proposal

Complete the CCE 073 Proposal form and submit on Discovery.  This assignment includes a Self-Identity Reflection, as well as details on plans for your upcoming Cultural Immersion Experience.

STEP 3: Pre-Assignment Assessment

Complete the Pre-Assignment Assessment through the link on Discovery.

STEP 4:  Enjoy your Cultural Immersion Experience!

When you return…

STEP 5: Complete the assignments on Discovery:

  • Cultural Analysis Toolkit
  • Final Reflection Paper
  • Post-Assignment Assessment
  • Stateside only: Book Review
  • Stateside only: Journal Entries
  • Stateside only: Cross-Cultural Observations & Conversation

CCE Completed!

After completing all of the above steps, your CCE073 completion will be processed and reported to the Registrar’s Office to be added to your transcript.  You will receive a confirmation email from the CCE office once your requirement has been completed.

Visit our office or email us for more information:

Who must complete the CCE073 Requirement:

  • ALL enrolled full-time undergraduate students (prior to Fall 2020) must complete CCE073.
  • Transfer students with less than 60 credits must complete CCE073.  Transfer students with 60 or more transferred credits will receive a waiver for the CCE073 requirement.  Transfer hours do not include AP and college credits earned prior to high school graduation.
  • International and third culture students must complete the CCE073 assignments, but they may use their cultural engagements in the U.S. as their Cultural Immersion Experience.  The CCE073 assignments should be completed within their first year at Asbury.

Previous trips:

  • Incoming students (prior to Fall 2020) may use a previous travel experience (trips taken no earlier than the summer before their senior year of high school). They must complete their CCE073 within their first-year at Asbury.


  • All students MUST attend one of the CCE Orientation sessions BEFORE participating in their Cultural Immersion Experience.
  • Orientation sessions are offered several times a semester. Register for an orientation session here.
  • If you have any questions or circumstances that make it difficult for you to complete the CCE073 requirement, we are happy to help you find a solution. Please drop by and meet with us in our Kinlaw Library office or schedule an appointment:

CCE Alternate Plan due to COVID-19: 

The Alternate Completion Plan for the Cross-Cultural Engagement requirement is offered to current seniors who have not been able to complete their travel experience due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. This Alternate Plan is available for students graduating by August 2022.  These options have been devised with keeping students’ health and safety as the highest priority during this current health crisis. If circumstances change regarding COVID and travel restrictions, students are encouraged to complete the traditional CCE073 experience.  Details for eligible students:  CCE Alternate Plan