Travel for International/Third Culture Students – Asbury University
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International students or those who have lived extensively outside of the U.S. do not have to travel to complete their Cultural Immersion Experience. They may use their experience here in the United States as their cultural immersion.  However, they must still complete the pre- and post-trip requirements. 

International and third culture students enrolled prior to Fall 2020 must complete a CCE Orientation Session. All new international and third culture students as of Fall 2020 MUST complete CCE 150 BEFORE completing the CCE150EX assignments. These students are encouraged to enroll in CCE 150 within their first two semesters at Asbury University.

Even though international and third culture students are not required to travel for their CCE, all students are encouraged to broaden their culture experiences through the various travel options available.  They may choose to use another travel experience for their CCE if desired.

Third Culture Students

Third culture students are defined as those who have lived extensively outside of the U.S. during their high school years. This may include students living with parents serving abroad as missionaries, diplomats, military, or professionals, as well as students with dual citizenship.