Travel Options Stateside – Asbury University
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There are several stateside travel options that may be used for your Cross-Cultural Engagement immersive experience. ALL stateside immersions must be FULL cross-cultural immersions into a different culture and MUST be pre-approved by the Cross-Cultural Engagement office. Below is a sampling of stateside options:

  • Asbury Travel Courses
    • Urban Studies
    • Social Justice
    • Communication Field Experiences
  • Stateside Semester Courses
    • American Studies Program, Washington, DC
    • Los Angeles Term
  • Refugee Ministries
  • ESL Programs
  • Cultural Immersions
    • Native American
    • Amish
    • Native Alaskan
    • Appalachian
    • Asian
    • Latino
    • African American
  •  Angel House Muslim Ministries, Detroit, MI
  •  Inner City Ministries
    • immersions have been led to New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Camden
  •  Cultural Immersions can be led by:
    • Church or church organization
    • Mission or service organization
    • AU travel course, field trip, athletic team
    • Independent exploration