Cultural Immersion Experience – Asbury University
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What is a Cultural Immersion Experience?

Asbury’s Cultural Immersion Experience is an immersion into another culture, engaging students in a variety of life-spheres (family, education, religion, art, media, economics, and government). The experience must be pre-approved and of sufficient length and intensity to have an adequate impact upon the worldview of the participant. The minimum length for a cultural immersion is six nights.

Note:  All new students as of Fall 2020 MUST complete CCE 150 BEFORE participating in their Cultural Immersion Experience.  

Must I travel internationally to fulfill my Cultural Immersion Experience?

Most cultural immersions will expose the student to cultural dynamics outside of the United States. Some stateside experiences may be approved on a case-by-case basis. All Cultural Immersion Experiences must be approved by the Cross-Cultural Engagement office BEFORE the student participates in the experience. This approval is requested by submitting the CCE Proposal form on Discovery.  

What are my options for a Cultural Immersion Experience?

There are many abroad and stateside travel options available to students.  Asbury students have traveled to over 120 countries and  25 states to fulfill their Cultural Immersion Experience, and they have partnered with over 175 agencies and organizations. The immersion experience may be fulfilled through semester/summer-long study abroad programs, Asbury travel courses, mission or volunteer trips, athletic-sponsored service trips, or personal international explorations.

All options MUST be pre-approved by the Cross-Cultural Engagement office BEFORE participating in the experience. This approval is requested by submitting the CCE Proposal form on Discovery.

I am an international student. Am I required to complete a Cultural Immersion Experience?

International students or those who have lived extensively outside of the U.S. and Canada may not have to travel to complete their Cultural Immersion Experience. They may use their experience here in the United States as their cultural immersion.  However, they must still complete the pre- and post-trip requirements. 

I have already traveled abroad prior to enrolling at Asbury. Can that satisfy my Cultural Immersion requirement?

To ensure a student has reached the maturity level and received adequate preparation to experience a cultural immersion to the fullest extent, travel experience prior to Asbury enrollment will not be accepted.

Are transfer students required to complete the Cultural Immersion requirement?

Students with more than 60 transferred credits at the time of matriculation (not counting AP and college credits earned prior to high school graduation) may be considered to waive CCE073/CCE150EX, the Cultural Immersion Experience.  However, new transfer students as of Fall 2020 are still required to take CCE 150, Cross-Cultural Engagement & Responsibility.