CCE 150EX Proposal of Intent – Asbury University
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CCE 150EX Proposal of Intent

Note: Before you begin this Proposal, you should complete the Immersion Rubric assignment to confirm your Immersion meets the minimum eligibility threshold. If this minimum eligibility threshold has been met, you may complete this Proposal of Intent for approval.

International and Third Culture students using their Asbury experience as their Cultural Immersion do NOT need to complete the Immersion Rubric, but must still complete the Proposal of Intent.

Expected Graduation Term(Required)
Grade Level at Time of Immersion(Required)
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Type of Proposal(Required)
Proposed Academic Term of Immersion(Required)
(City, Country – if in U.S. list City, State)
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Proposal Assignments

Please remember this Proposal assignment is a part of your CCE150EX grade. Watch your word count in each section and share thorough and insightful information.

How do you identify yourself racially/ethnically/culturally/nationality? How important is identity to you? Given how you’ve just identified yourself, what does it mean to be of that or those identities in the United States? What is one thing that you appreciate about this identity? What is one thing that you would want people to know about this racial/ethnic/cultural/nationality group? (250-350 words)
Provide a detailed description of your proposed CCE 150EX Cultural Immersion and how it will help you achieve the Student Learning Outcomes of CCE 150 EX. (250-350 words)
Provide a detailed description of the type of activities in which you plan to participate during your Cultural Immersion. (250-350 words)
Provide your anticipated timeframe in which to meet CCE objectives. Please include specific preparation sessions, briefings, travel departure and return dates, cross-cultural exploration activities, interactions, etc. (Please provide this information in a list form.)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.