CCE073 Alternate Plan – COVID Options – Asbury University
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Alternate CCE Completion Plan

The Alternate Completion Plan for the Cross-Cultural Engagement requirement is offered to current seniors who have not been able to complete their travel experience due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. This Alternate Plan is available for students graduating by August 2022.

These options have been devised with keeping students’ health and safety as the highest priority during this current health crisis. If circumstances change regarding COVID and travel restrictions, students are encouraged to complete the traditional CCE073 experience.

Steps for completing the Alternate Plan:

1. Complete a CCE Orientation Session. Register for a session here.

2. Review the four options below to select which plan works best for your interests and schedule.

3. Submit the Proposal Assignment, which includes declaring which plan you have selected to substitute for your CCE073 requirement. These assignments are located on Discovery.

4. Complete your Alternate Plan requirements.

5. Submit your Final Reflection Paper on Discovery.

CCE073 Alternate Plan Options:

1. Community Service:  Complete five hours of community service in your local community. These service hours can include food banks (i.e. God’s Pantry in Lexington), Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, blood donation, homeless shelters, etc.

2. Cultural Reading:  Select a cultural reading from the approved list in the Alternate CCE Completion Plan.

3. Cultural Events:  Complete five hours of engagement in cultural events sponsored locally or on-campus. These events can include the Embrace Conference, Latino Festival, International Christmas Market, Mid Autumn Festival, Roots & Heritage, as well as local cultural festivals, seminars, art shows, musical performances, etc.

4. Cultural Courses:  Complete a cultural course from the approved list in the Alternate CCE Completion Plan.  This should be a NEW enrollment, not a course already taken, and it cannot be double-counted for a Foundational or Major/Minor course.

Specific details for each Alternate Plan is outlined in the Alternate CCE Completion Plan.

Final Reflection Paper:

A Final Reflection Paper is required for options 1-3 and is to be submitted on Discovery.  Option-specific writing topics are listed in the Alternate CCE Completion Plan.


The deadline for your assignments is the last date of finals of the semester you completed the Alternate Plan.